Trying to look forward

The Equinox has passed and this weekend here in the UK our clocks go forward an hour to British Summer Time. This week has been a wonderful week of sunshine and warmth. The butterflies that hibernated throughout the winter have come out to feed and there are so many of them, brimstones, peacocks, commas and small tortoiseshells. With them are the bees, large and small feeding on the blackthorn blossom. The birds are collecting twigs for their nests and all is lovely in the natural world. It makes it easy to ignore what is going on with the conflict in Ukraine. Is this a good or a bad thing?

I am still very aware of what is going on but know that the only thing I can do is donate to refugee and other aid funds and send our the energy of peace and love. If conflicts go on for a long time, people become complacent and forget that their help is still needed. The urgency of the first few days of the conflict fade away. This is not good and we always need to be aware of what is going on whether in Ukraine or in other countries.

There have been wars throughout our history and we never seem to learn the lessons that are presented to us. So we have to go through it all again. But we are going to have to learn some new things as prices rise and daily living gets harder. Those of us who are older will know how to deal with shortages of fuel and food. We lived through this kind of thing before so we know how to deal with it. We know how to use fuel sparingly and how to cook nourishing meals with cheap ingredients. A shortage of petrol may help our environment and clean up our air. People might walk more and become healthier. Good things can happen, just look for them. So I am trying to look forward with optimism and hope that the conflicts in our world are all soon ended.

Whatever happens, nature carries on

Our world is beset by conflict but the natural world continues to thrive. Spring is here now and it is much warmer. Today and for several days we have had blues skies and lots of sun. The birds are busy and I am not sure whether the starlings have already had one brood although it is a bit early for that. There is a lot of bird song though. The plants are thriving, the bulbs and flowers appearing, many of them coloured yellow to cheer us up and to remind us of Ukraine.

I claimed two free saplings from the Woodland Trust for their climate change programme. My son had one, a crabapple and the other one, a wild cherry, we planted in the garden of the housing complex where I live. The saplings were only small but they will grow over the years.

I am trying not to worry about the world situation as what will be will be whatever I or others do. I am still working with ceremonies for peace and will continue as long as needed. There are lessons to be learned but those in charge are unwilling to learn so we seem to be going towards another disaster at some point. Life can be simple and enjoyable. Walking in the countryside proves that. I for one, don’t need a lot to make me happy. Just listening to the birds and breathing in the sunshine does that. So take care, get out in the sunshine and look to see what you can find in the hedgerows as hibernating insects wake up.


This week has been a hard week going from ingrowing eyelashes which had to be removed one by one by the optician to more fibro pain and a knee that keeps giving way. Meanwhile the world around me rumbles on with conflict growing day by day. I am still working on peace, trying to spend 10 seconds every hour sending out thoughts of peace but this is hard to keep doing. However we must have hope, without hope there is no point in going on. We must hope that the fighting stops soon and that people are able to rebuild their lives and have a better life.

Since the last two world wars, I think many countries have become complacent and not seen any threats to that peace until now. So now we must have hope for a proper solution so that the world can continue to build better lives for everyone. Let’s look at the letters in the word hope. H could stand for heal or healing, O for our, P for planet and E for Earth. Let us continue to send out positive thoughts and healing for peace, for all those caught in conflicts in our world not just in Europe. Let us hope for peaceful solutions to all the conflicts and send out healing energy to all sides. As the signs of new growth in nature appear let the signs of peace appear in our world.

Let there be peace all over our world.

Thoughts on recent events

My first thoughts on the current crisis in Ukraine are of deep sadness that such an event has happened. What have we done or not done over the last few decades that has allowed this to happen? Do we want World War 3? A strong ‘no’ comes out there. I want peace all over our world, not just in Europe. There are other areas of conflict in our world and these have not been in the news recently as if they are forgotten but they are still going on. So why has this particular event caused so much horror? For those of us living in Europe it is close to home and therefore is more threatening. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere then you may have a different viewpoint.

So what do we do? Our choices are limited but we can pray for peace and send out healing energies to all those involved. We can help or our governments can help in material ways and help those who are fleeing from the destruction of warfare. Many think prayer is useless but thoughts are energy and the more we send out the energy of peace and love the more it will help. We need to stay calm because we are in a position where our governments hands are tied if we are to stop an escalation into a world war.

If you use crystals you can set up a crystal grid to send out peace and love all the time. If you practise Reiki or something similar you can set up a grid as well to send out continuous peace and love. You can a light a candle with the intention that it burns brightly for a good ending to this situation. There is so much we can do on a spiritual level and your imagination is your only limit but do not ask for the death of someone because that is not the way of peace however angry you may feel.

We have all been the baddie at some point in this life or previous lives but people can change so send out love and peace to all those involved.

I have felt for some time that something would happen in our world to make people understand what is needed and to help them to change for the better. Two years ago I felt it was the ‘you know what p’ but people did not change so along comes this even worse event. Are we willing to change now and look at how we live and how we need to love each other, have respect for each other and have peace in our world?