Learning from experience

We all go through different experiences during our lives but do we learn from them? As a child we probably do, after all if you are told not to touch something because it’s hot and then you touch it, you most likely will not do that again. There are emotional and physical experiences as well as mental ones, that come to us all during our lives. Do we deal with them in appropriate ways and then learn from the experience or do we hide it all away and try to forget them often making ourselves ill in the process.

There are the deep emotional experiences such as grief, death, divorce and accidents where our lives may be forced to change so we have no choice about learning from that experience.

This last few months most of us in the world have been going through a different experience of lockdown or isolation. It is likely that we have all dealt with this in different ways. Some will have coped well while others will have gone into a depression or have found it mentally hard while others with physical problems who need to exercise in some form or other may have found that their physical health has deteriorated.

Most of us learn to adapt to a new situation and we are going to have to adapt even more as our world changes. This pandemic gave us an opportunity to learn what is most important to us and the world around us. Many have chosen to ignore those lessons so I believe that something else will happen to make people think hard about their lives as well as the continuing of the pandemic. On a soul level we are ready for this new world but it will consist of a lot more change and upheaval as we adjust. Stay strong and go with the flow knowing that all is as it should be and will be.

Going Forwards

There are now small changes appearing in our everyday lives. We can meet family if we live alone and form a ‘bubble’. This is good for many, like me, who live alone and have not been able to see family for some time. People are going back to work and summer holidays may be on the horizon as well as school for the children.

So we are moving on but life is different than it was before as ‘social distancing’ is still in place. The weeks spent at home have given me a lot of time to think. I have meditated and started doing a lot more Reiki as well as gardening and crafting and drawing. But it has made me think about lots of other things and I have been making decisions about my future. It has also made me realise what is really important although I already knew this. But the time alone has reinforced my thoughts about the future and what I want to do and where I want to be.

I understand that many others have found this time invaluable and helped them to make decisions about their futures. Unfortunately there are some who can’t wait for things to go back to what we had before and they have not taken the time to think about what is really important. But that is their choice. Life is lived on many different levels and what is important for some is much less important for others. The main thing to do is to accept the changes especially those that we can do nothing about. Change happens all the time so there is no need to make such a fuss about it really. A new way of living is needed so we can stop destroying the environment and eat better and buy things for the home that are more environmentally friendly. I will write more about my future plans next week perhaps but at the moment lots of things are in a ‘wobbly’ time and place. After the end of this month then maybe we will all get a break from eclipses and retrograde planets causing chaos and upheaval although I don’t think we have finished yet and there is a lot more to come. One thing I have done is set up a circle of friends to get together once a week to send out Reiki, love and light out into the universe. This feels right for me at this time and is working well.

Stay safe, with blessings of the Summer Solstice.


As a family history researcher I know a lot about my ancestry. DNA has shown me a lot more as well. Luckily I don’t seem to have any ancestors who rampage in other countries or had slaves or made money from trading in slaves. But not everyone else is so lucky.

Going right back to our origins, we all had a dark skin and it was only as we moved into different climate areas that our skin colour changed to adapt to the climate. Cheddar Man who lived around 9000 years ago had a dark skin.

We are all one and come from the same source and it is time to acknowledge our ancestry whatever it is. I did not study history at school but have learned much more about Great Britain since then. Some of it is not good reading. How can a man live with himself knowing that he had captured natives from another country and sold them as slaves? I suspect it was all about power and money as much of England’s wealth came from slavery. I have researched some slave plantations in Barbados and Jamaica and what I find is heart breaking. When slavery was abolished the owners were compensated for the loss of their slaves and many received thousands of pounds in compensation. Yet the slaves were still not free and served apprenticeships for very little pay.

Today many are looking back at this history and want past injustices seen and heard as well as the injustices of today towards people who are a different colour. Many are beginning to understand that what we were taught in school or read in books and newspapers is not always the truth and these people are now looking to find the truth. This is a good thing. Governments cannot push things under the carpet and hope the public don’t notice. This applies to many other facts ans figures. If you have time to research some of this you can see for yourself how many lies have been told about the past as well as in the present.

The Druids prayer talks about knowledge and justice and the love of all existences. I feel strongly about all three. I know that we are all One, we all share a spark of the divine whatever colour or creed we are. We all come from the same source. Let us treat each other as equals and share love and respect for all.

Hold Tight!

One eclipse gone by and a couple more to come in the next few weeks and most planets are retrograde as well. This kind of planetary activity brings chaos and upheaval with it so hold tight and stay strong.

Keep your mind open and take each challenge as it comes along. You may have to dig deep inside yourself to find your way but do this and stay true to yourself.

Our incompetent leaders bring us many challenges and we need to look at what is going on behind the scenes. The current situations give cover for underhand goings on as we well know from past experience. Search for the truth and don’t let the media mislead you.

Let your light shine, stay strong and true and see that there is hope for a better world. We can ‘birth’ this new world if we believe that we can do it so create in your mind the world you want to see and hold that image strong throughout this chaos and turmoil.

Sorry this blog is short but I have said what I felt was right to say for this moment in time.