Noticing and seeing

I love to walk every day but sometimes the pain makes it impossible. However I do walk even if just around the streets and avenues nearby. But it is surprising what I see. I have noticed that the plants in people’s gardens are now in full bloom while some are fading now. There are leaves on the ground too, brown and yellow. When I get to a certain point where there are crossroads and a good view over the land in the distance I always pause and look at the scene in front of me.

Although there are lots of houses, there are also a lot of trees and in the far distance there are green fields separated by hedges. I can stand and look at this vista for ages trying to find different things to see. I do this when walking in the other direction as I live on top of a long expanse of higher land.

When I visit Trentham Gardens I not only look for butterflies and dragonflies but notice how the gardens change and how the lake is, whether it is calm and serene or whether there are ripples caused by the breeze. There is so much to see and each time I visit I see something new. But I also see lots of people just walking by and chatting and often on their mobile phones. They are missing so much that is around them but I suppose the good point is that they are in the open air and sunshine.

As many of you know I love taking photos and have been wondering about the best way to keep them safe and where I can look at them. Printing photo books can be expensive but I thought I would add bits of poetry to make it better. I like Haikus so that is what I have been using for my poetry. Here is one to go with a photo of a tunnel formed by trees.

Avenue of trees

Drawing me in and then through

Feeling their great strength.

But my photo today is of the view from the crossroads which I saw this morning.

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Strength and power

‘As the world that we have known crumbles around us, let us stay strong and focus on peace. It will come one day at some point, maybe not in my lifetime but in that of my children and grandchildren.’ These are the words I wrote yesterday. As we look around us we can see everything that we have known and felt to be safe is now crumbling down around us.

I am older than most of my readers and remember the hardships following a war. Since that time, we have changed in many ways, not just ourselves but our country and our world. Some things have got much better but others have got much worse and there are large gaps between different populations.

Many years ago I felt that we were approaching a fairer world but that was not to be. There are so many people around who are greedy for money and for power. But they don’t understand what power really is. They think it is about controlling others and that is not the case. Politicians say things they don’t mean and make promises that they have no intention of keeping. But those words and promises lead people to think that they are good which give the politician a feeling of power.

What does power mean to you? If you look up the word in a dictionary you will see that there are many different meanings but the most ‘popular’ one is about being able to do something in a proper manner and having the ability to do something.

For me maybe it means the ability to do something, to help others, the ability to search for truth, To offer thoughts of peace and healing to others is also what I see as part of my ‘power’. We often hear the words ‘people power’. What do these words mean to you? To me they mean people getting together to do something which can change the way we live in our world. Think back to the effect of the ripples in the pond, the gathering together to spread words of peace. What are your thoughts? Let us stay strong like a tree even when its branches bend in the wind.



Staying calm in a chaotic world

The world as we have known it is changing rapidly. Much of what we have known is now crumbling around us. I wrote about the ripples in a pond the other week and we are still feeling the effects of those ripples. And we will feel them for much longer. Things we have taken for granted are no longer secure and there are many who live in fear. Will they be able to keep their homes and live safely or will they have to leave and go elsewhere? This is only one example of the changes happening.

But it is no good worrying about tomorrow as we do not know what tomorrow will bring. We do not need to worry about the past either although looking back at the past can show us how to avoid similar pitfalls this time around and learn from our mistakes.

Being in the present, living each day as it comes and making the best of it is important. Staying calm and showing others that we are calm helps others to become calm too. Sending love and peace out into the world each day and living that way ourselves also shows others that there is another way. Like the ripples on the pond, being calm and loving around others helps them to feel that way too and they then do the same and this in turn helps even more people to be calm and loving.

I am one of those people who smile at others in the street and say Good morning or afternoon when we pass each other. This brings a smile and a comment in return and for all I know may have made the day for someone a much better day. I know from experience that this is true and it is so easy to do.

As we experience the changes that are taking place now and those that are to come, staying calm, loving and peaceful is very important. Anger does not produce anything good and only makes things worse. As we stand together in peace, love and serenity we will be able to change the world to one we wish to have but this will not happen overnight. It could take several years for it to change to something better and for the crumbling walls to be built in a different way that benefits us all. Stay calm and send out that feeling to others. There is a better life ahead.


Miscellaneous thoughts

Lots of things have passed through my mind this week.

Can there be peace in the political parties?

Can there be peace in the world?

Can we work through all the problems that confront us?

Can we stop and think about the effect of our actions?

How do we stop our land from being plundered for resources we do not really need as alternatives are available?

And so on and so on. Life is very confusing at the moment. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world not helped by the governments of Europe and elsewhere. There is so much political infighting that the reason for their election has been lost. Getting out for a walk this morning has helped me to come to terms with some things but then made me more aware of other things. I noticed autumn leaves on the ground this morning although it is only July and most trees are in full leaf. The weather seems confused as well. Where is our world going? What changes are ahead and can we stay positive on the way?

Lots of questions this morning. I am sure you will have more and maybe have a few answers. Here are my autumn leaves.