Stormy weather approaching

Expect trees to topple and buildings to get damaged we are being told as a large storm approaches. It has been very blustery for the last few days and the leaves are falling rapidly from the trees. Some trees are already bare while others are still green but the garden is covered in leaves of many colours and the sycamore wings from a nearby tree. The fallen leaves provide homes for many insects and food for others so nature is working in this way too.

But what about the effects of storms on us, not just our property? I find that after a storm the air is clearer and the sky too. There is a brightness that wasn’t there before. We live in such a negative world that a storm clears away the feelings of negativity and leaves everything sparkling like new. I feel that storms should give us hope for the future. After devastating damage done by storms in the past, people have got together in communities and supported and helped each other to rebuild. But should we need a storm to make us do that? Why can’t we work together and learn to live together so that the world is a better place? Your thoughts on this are appreciated.


Looking back at history

This is the time of the year when I think about my ancestors. There are many programmes on our TV that tell us about our ancestors and those of other people. Some of these are fascinating as they also give us a picture of how life was lived 100 or 200 years ago and sometimes even further back. At the moment there are also many documentaries about world wars.

It makes me wonder if we have learned anything from our past. How have things changed in our lives and have they changed for the better? Our world has changed greatly as technology has also changed and grown into something that I am not sure I personally really want to see. We have more freedom we are told. But do we really have more freedom when every word we say or write is monitored somewhere by others. We have more material goods and food than we did in the past but the way changes are going now, this may soon become part of the past again. Why are people allowed to starve? Why do we not make sure that everyone in our world has a home, food and clothing? Are we so selfish and greedy that we are unwilling to share? I could go on but hopefully I have written enough to make you think. Where is the road we are going along, really taking us?


Dark dismal days

It is another dark dismal day with heavy rain. It has now rained almost continuously for over a day and is forecast for today and tomorrow. On a spiritual level, the rain is cleansing the earth and is much needed. It washes away negative energy left by us and our industries.

It also helps the plants to grow and again is needed for this. Our storage reservoirs will also soon be full again after the hot summer. I find that days without sunshine are sometimes hard to deal with especially in the winter. But it is that time of the year when animals think about hibernating and I feel that this is what I would like to do as well. I don’t feel like this every day but only the dark days.

How do these dark days affect you? What do you do during this time? As Samhain approaches we near the time of introspection, of deep inner work and of planning for the coming of the Spring. At the moment I am finding this quite hard to do. It may be because of the current upheavals going on in my life. How do you feel about the approach of the winter time? How do you prepare for this time of inner work? Does your creativity also go to sleep?



The flow of the river

A walk along the side of the river was wonderful. The river has so many moods, quiet and rippling gently,  or rushing around stones and rocks, or tumbling over small ledges and rushing madly along. It reminds me of how our lives are, or at least how mine is.

There are times when everything flows smoothly and times when there are obstacles in the way. Do I flow around them or over them? The river generally flows around them unless in flood. Do I take the quiet times as times of rest and times to replenish myself or do I push harder to get things done.

How does your life resemble the flow of the river? How do you deal with the quiet times? Do you rest or push harder to do things? Do you go around obstacles finding the easy way like the river or do you go over the top?

The river today gave me a lot of food for thought as well as a lot of pleasure. Here is a photo of this river.