An update

I haven’t written this blog for some weeks now although I have uploaded photos to another of my blogs ( I have not felt able to write for a while, at least not write about things I felt were important. I have had physical health problems as well as a period of what can only be called depression and have been through a period of great stress but I feel that I can write a little at least, today.

The things that have kept me going are all outside in our natural world. Watching the flowers bud and bloom, watching damselflies and bees around the flowers and hedgerows, listening to the birds and just sitting out there in silence and taking it all in. I spent some time with a friend last week and really enjoyed going out with her and being able to also sit outside in her garden and enjoy it all. Finding small insects and identifying them, lots of beetles and caterpillars as well as other insects. Our natural world is amazing and there are so many different species to see.

On the other hand I have been disappointed in what is going on in our world and how it is being dealt with. Sometimes I feel ashamed of what others are doing. I am sure you will all know what I am referring to here. It is time for a big wake up call to go out to those who still feel the world is all about them and their desires. It is becoming necessary to look at how we live and how we can change and that means each one of us not just a few. I hope that change for the better does happen and I am trying to keep hope strong in my mind.

So I am getting back into writing but I might not write this blog every week. I will see how things go.