Finding the gift when things look bad

It has been a traumatic month. At the beginning of the month my landlord decided he wanted his house back so I had to move out. I had two months notice. Finding somewhere suitable for me is quite hard as I have a small cat and I don’t have a lot of money. I have been on the council waiting list for some time for a small bungalow and last week I was able to bid for one of these. Because of my new circumstances I was successful in my bid and now look forward to have a safe and secure home. So out of the chaos and worry has come a gift, a long awaited and unexpected gift.

Have your circumstances ever given you an unexpected gift? Out of the darkness and despair there is often a gift of some kind but you have to look for it or at least realise that this is what it is. My gift means I can stay in the village where I live now and enjoy all its amenities including the walk by the river. I give thanks for my gift of the bungalow and what it means to my life. Give thanks for your gifts too.




This morning I was looking forward to showing a friend the lovely ancient ash. ( my cover photo on my facebook page) It was such a wonderful tree with an amazing canopy of leaves. Today, words fail me as the tree has had a large part of it cut away. Looking at the cut ends and the large branches lying around I could see no reason for its loss of branches. There appeared to be no disease. Why, why and why? I am in shock at what I can only call desecration of such an ancient tree.


Time for change

The weather is changing quite rapidly now. The mornings are chilly and storms are approaching. I noticed that some of the leaves on the trees are now changing to a golden colour. The plants are dying down and the butterflies disappearing although the bees are still busy on the fading lavender bush.

We are moving to a quieter time of the year when we can sit and contemplate what we have done during the year and take time to replenish our spirits as well as our larders. For me this year is a time of big change as I have to move house again. The move is enabling me to sort and clear items I no longer use. Although I have been doing this over the last two years I am being more ruthless and finding new homes for many items. Recycling at its best. Why do we collect so much in our homes? Is it the instinct to collect items especially food so that we will not starve if we are cut off in storms? But that does not explain the collecting of items such as books. I love books but this time round I have decided to give away many of my books to others who will enjoy reading them. As long as everything finds a good home then all is well with my world. What can you give away to others for them to enjoy? What can you share with others?


Starting the day

I love the early mornings. It is often still and peaceful and it is so uplifting to watch the sun rise. This morning was such a morning, still, peaceful and easy to connect with all that is.

I have a morning ritual and have done this ritual in different forms for many years. Some days I just welcome the new day, another time I welcome the sun and the warmth and light it brings. On wet days I give thanks for the rain as it is generally needed to water the earth and enable the plants to grow. Other times I may welcome each direction in turn thanking them for the gifts they bring. Another way I sometimes use is to thank Mother Earth and Father Sky and offer them tobacco. Whatever I do, my day seems brighter and I am more able to cope with whatever life throws at me. The short time of stillness and connection stays with me throughout the day.

Do you have morning rituals? If so, what do you do? If not, why not try it and see if it makes any changes to your life. Here are the trees this morning with the early morning sun shining on them.


Learning from the past

We do not seem to learn from our past mistakes. There has been war after war for hundreds if not thousands of years. We have lost our way, lost the plot as we often say. How can we learn from the past and change our ways. Well, first we can teach our children the right way. I have just finished reading a book by Kent Nerburn about a Native American elder called Dan (email me for details or find his website) It is a sad book in many ways but it does give hope. Here is a quote from the book when Dan is talking about our children;

‘We need to teach them a helping way, to give them a vision of what is right, not only of what is wrong. We need to teach them that the way to be strong is to help the weak; the way to have wealth is to give things away; the way to lead is to serve. We need to let them know that they are an important part of the circle of life, and if they do not play their part, no one else can.’

He continues;

‘If we teach them these things they will have hope in their hearts. If we don’t , their hearts will become hard. They will gather things to them and watch life from a cold distance. They will see the world as something to use, not something to honour.’

These words ring true and we can learn from them. The whole book is a wonderful book and can teach us a great deal about the way we should live our lives. How do you feel about the words quoted above?