There are definitely signs of Autumn around. The rowan trees have so many berries on them that they are bending down to the ground. There are crab apples galore and loads of acorns. Blackberries are ripening and almost ready to gather. But nature’s abundance is not just for us to enjoy. Think of all the animals, birds and insects that rely on this harvest before you take more than you need.

This reminds me of an event in a local supermarket. I don’t go to supermarkets very often as I prefer to shop locally but have to go every so often to get the items I can’t get in my local shop. Some time last year, I remember seeing an item on special offer. I think it could have been dog food but I am not sure. One customer saw this offer and proceeded to load her trolley with every packet on the shelf. There was nothing left for any one else. A dog owner on a limited income would really have appreciated this offer. I felt appalled at the action of this customer as I feel we should share and only take what we need so others also get the benefit of the special offer. How do you feel about this? As I said before regarding nature’s gifts, the same thing applies, only take what you need and leave some for others especially those that need them.


The healing power of the woodland

This week I was very privileged to be taken to visit a wood in a different area. It was a wonderful wood with many species and both old and new trees As soon as you entered the wood the stresses and strains of the days before, were swept away. Walking in woodland helps us to deal with our everyday lives when we are stressed and/or depressed. The joy of the trees and their colourful leaves in the sunlight lifts our spirits. There are so many different colours which change with the sunlight and the breeze.

But this wood was a very fruitful wood as well. There were different kinds of apples, acorns, nuts, and berries as well as wild flowers to see. I feel that we do not appreciate the gifts of nature as much as we should. Do you enjoy walking in the woodland? How does it make you feel? Do you use the gifts that the trees give to us? If so what do you do with them?

When I left the wood I felt invigorated and refreshed ready to face whatever the universe was going to throw at me next. Tell me about your woodland experiences please.


Being one with nature

Just about half a mile from my home is a lovely short walk along a public footpath much used by dog walkers. The path runs alongside the river through small woods and open fields. It is only perhaps half a mile long as well. But it is such an amazing place to be.This last week I went with a friend and as we entered the first bit of woodland it seemed that magic was at play. The sun shone through the branches and changed the way everything looked. As the trees seemed to join overhead it was like walking through an archway of trees. In the open field part, the path still runs along the side of the river. There were so many tiny snails on dying nettle plants and different types of ladybirds on the cow parsley that I stopped to take lots of photos. Then entering the second tiny wood was even more magical. The sun illuminated the path and drew you in.

I felt totally at One with the landscape, as if I was not just standing on the earth and watching but as if I was actually a part of it. This feeling is very hard to describe. If you have felt this then do let me know how you describe it. I wondered about those walking their dogs. Did they just enjoy the walk or did they see more of the natural world? And what did they feel?

It is so easy to just walk along a path or field and not ‘see’ any of the wonderful things that the natural world has to offer us. The birds were singing and every so often the call of the moorhen could be heard. My friend started to hum in tune with our Mother Earth while I wanted to chant and sing. It was such a wonderful feeling and I am sure my heartbeat was the same as that of Mother Earth. Have you ever experienced this feeling? If so do let me know about it. Sharing is good for us all. If you have not yet had this experience then do try to find the time to explore any local patch of nature. You will be amazed at what you can find and feel.


Butterflies and transformation

There is something about a butterfly that inspires me. During the week I and a friend have spent some time trying to take photos of these wonderful things. There have been a lot of the large white and the small white butterflies around the garden, mainly on the lavender bushes and the Buddleia. But the coloured peacock ones were absent until Thursday when they arrived in their dozens. Taking photos of them requires patience as they fly off as soon as you get near. However photos were taken and one will be on here too. But what is so amazing about the butterfly is how it develops. From tiny eggs, caterpillars emerge. Sometimes these are quite beautiful while some are not so good-looking and gardeners do not generally like them as they eat the plants. Caterpillars change their skin as they grow, just like snakes do and then they turn into a pupae for the winter. Then in the spring a butterfly emerges. Transformation at its best. Other insects do this too, damselflies for example.

Which makes me think about transforming my own life? What can be transformed in your life? Sometimes, it is just about changing the way we view things, a change of perception, sometimes it can be a deeper change in how we do things. What transformations can you make in your life and how can you do them?

Two peacock butterflies in the photos, how amazing are their spots and what beautiful colours. You can see why they are named after the peacock.