Black Friday

I was shocked to see how people fought to get a few pounds off various goods especially televisions. What is the matter with us that we need to do such things. We seem to have forgotten the difference between I want and I need. If I think I should buy something new, I always think about do I need it or not. This applies to clothes as well. We seem to live in a throwaway world and to me that is not a good thing.

I have just had a new computer built by my son as my old one was really falling apart and not working at all well. But there is no way I would have gone to a Black Friday sale, queued and fought to get one. Same with many other things. If it can be mended then that is what I do. My son has taken my old computer as he can convert it to use with the TV. Recycling is good.

What are your thoughts on the scenes of chaos on Friday? Would you join such a crowd? Before you buy items do you think about needing or wanting?sunsetnovember


November ramblings

What a dark month it has been so far. Wet a lot of the time, but very dark and very little sun. When the sun does shine you feel like cheering! It is mild for November and the plants think it is spring. My forsythia has little green shoots all over it yet some of this years leaves have not yet fallen. I have noticed a cherry tree in blossom already. What will happen to our plants and trees if and when we have a frost? Will they survive and flower again at the proper time?

What are the wild animals and birds doing in this mild weather? The starlings are busy eating the fat balls and the robin comes to eat as well. Have any of my readers noticed how spring like it is in the garden? And the ground is very wet as well. When the USA has snow we generally get it a few weeks later but our weather forecasters are saying that we are going to have 3 months of rain. It is due to the jet stream we are told and this is being affected by melting ice. So back we come to global warming and man’s effect on this.

Another topic for discussion there. But three months of rain will mean floods in many places and the death of many wild animals. How can we do something about this?


Looking around me

It has been a busy week with little time for reflection. However a friend took me out for a couple of hours on Monday. This was good as we drove along quiet lanes looking at the trees now mainly bare of leaves. The country side looks so different at this time of the year. But it has been quite mild even though there has been a lot of rain.

The starlings crowd the bird feeder every day and now the fat balls have gone they are attacking the nuts and seeds. I have watched them for several months now as they come to feed. They have changed their plumage over this time and now look more like adults. Close up they are quite amazing but they don’t stay still long enough to get a good photo!

Also my son came over and took me to the country park where I watched a lonely cygnet which had been left now to fend for itself. It has almost lost its grey feathers but some remain. There is so much to seeĀ around you if you look. So many people walk around and don’t see anything at all. My son found some fungi which he photographed as well as other items which most people just pass by. Have we lost the ability to see what is around us? Do we notice the plants and the birds? Do we see the types of clouds in the sky? Or do we go on our way seeing nothing.



Today in the UK it is Remembrance Sunday when the fallen of all the wars involving the UK are remembered. The red poppy is worn as a symbol of respect but today there are many who do not want to wear the red poppy but want to wear a white one in remembrance of all war dead on all sides.

As a druid I remember all war dead as the norm., all war dead over all the centuries of war as well. There have been millions of people who died during wars, some as a result of bombing and fighting even though they were not involved in the actual warfare and the many who died due to the fighting. Yet even now there are still wars in our world. It seems to me that wars can be caused by greed, the wanting of more land, and also because those starting the war want to control the others in some way, maybe through religion.

Is it not time to learn to live together and to stop fighting. I see today as a time for reflection as well as remembrance.


Approaching winter

Samhain is almost over and winter approaches. It is still mild here but promises of colder weather next week have been made. Many of the trees are already bare and the ground is covered with golden, yellow and brown leaves. The sun is lower in the sky and for once in the year, it shines into my home. It makes such a difference to me and to my house.

There is something about the landscape at this time of the year which I find irresistible. Although the leaves are dying there is also the promise of new growth next year. When all the trees are bare and the sun shines through them, it is just as magical as in the spring time. How do you feel about this change in the landscape? I am looking forward to the frost too. It makes everything sparkle. I am making sure that I have food stored for those days when going out is not for me but I do love the magic of the winter time. Do you find it magical?