Influences on our lives

I often think about the influences my parents and grandparents had on the way I think and act as well as how others have influenced me. This week I read about a book which was about metagenealogy. The authors wrote about the influences we have from the past and
said that we should look at four generations including our own for this. Researching your family tree would help with this process as you would be able to find patterns of behaviour and thought and saying that there would be psychological influences too.

So what does influence us? Do we accept our parents thinking and way of life or are we influenced by others Reading the news I can see that many people are influenced by others and change their lives because of this. Is this a good thing?

My thoughts on this are that we have to look at what influences us very carefully and make sure that what does influence us is for the good. Following my own ‘gut’ instincts is what works for me.

But looking back at my ancestors I can see physical similarities so I now need to think about other similarities too.What are your thoughts on this? Below is a photo of my mother and her mother (my grandmother).


Helping others feel valued

Another interesting week. It brought to mind how much we need others to remind us that we are valued and have a lot to offer. When you get older it is easy to feel that you are becoming a burden because you need help yet you still may have much to offer others. This was brought home to me this week two days running.

We all have something we can do for others, it may be just listening, it may be that we give someone a hug. We can offer help to do shopping, cleaning, writing letters or taking someone out for the afternoon to have tea somewhere.

So often we look at someone young or old and push them aside thinking they have nothing we are interested in. Every one of us has something we can do for others, you just have to look for that something. I remember teaching what were known as problem children. Each one of these had an interest in something, could draw or paint, could play a game better than others. When I found that something I had a way to reach these children and help them. It is the same with older people. Just because they are in a home or disabled does not mean they have nothing to offer you. There is a great joy in listening to the experiences of older people. It helps us to see what they went through when life was not so easy. I could go on but I think I have written enough to make you think a bit.

How do you help others feel valued?


Winter landscapes and change

There is something special about the winter landscape especially the trees. So bare but still beautiful and often standing out against the sky. The sun is often shining adding a little bit of warmth this week and the sky can be a clear blue.

It makes me feel hopeful and also happy inside knowing that new growth is on its way and that soon this winter landscape will change as leaves appear on the trees. The morning frost will no longer happen and the beauty that the frost brings will have to wait again until next winter. Change is the way.

Change of course happens all the time but there are many who do not like or want change. But it happens. You have only to look at nature and see this. So why do we try to avoid change in our lives? Without change, our lives can become boring and uneventful. Do you avoid change or do you welcome it?



Spring brings hope, new beginnings and inspiration

A couple of days away make a huge difference to me. I was able to take a short walk in the countryside around the village of my friend Nicki. There was still some snow on the ground and the wind was bitterly cold but the sun was shining. I could see new buds forming on the trees and there were plenty of birds around too. I feel that I can move forward into the coming months with some hope.

Together with another friend, also called  Niki we did a short Imbolc ceremony yesterday. We each had a small pot of snowdrops and we lit 19 candles for Brighid. It was  a beautiful time together and we hope to work together in ceremony during the coming year. So Imbolc is also bringing change to me and others. What is Imbolc bringing to you? Are you inspired? Are you letting go of the old to make room for the new? Are you moving forward with hope?

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