Reflecting and perceiving

This week has been very busy. I had a session of physiotherapy at the hospital and also started 1-2-1 yoga session each morning in a huge effort to get my leg muscles working properly again. The yoga brings in reflection while working with the breath.

But yesterday I attended the opening of a friends log cabin where various therapists will be working. My friend and I practised our scrying skills on unwary visitors. This too brought in lots of reflection. Most of the images and the accompanying messages related to looking at things in a different way, changing perception of what things really are and also looking at the wider view. This can lead to changes in the way you live and how you work, usually for the better.

I have a photograph for you this week of reflections in the water of a river. If you look at these reflections you can see that they are not the same as what they reflect and other images can be seen. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed things about yourself that you don’t normally see? Are you seeing what you want to see or are you seeing what seems to be there?

Food for thought here I think. Your comments are welcome.

An eventful week

It has been a busy week with lots of things happening. This is due to the amount of energy flying around after two eclipses and the Venus transit. I have been looking at moving house, yet again, I hear you say, but my environment is not ideal and I need trees around me or nearby for my spirit to flourish.

But this week I managed to walk in the park, feel the energy of the trees and listen to the rippling water of the river. These kind of things make such a lot of difference to how I feel and are important parts of my life. I am looking forward to moving to live near the park some time in the future.

I have also been clearing out items, clothing, bedding and furniture which I do not really need. This is therapeutic too and gives me a sense of release as well. It also makes space for other energies to come in as well. This week’s tree is a photo of an alder taken over 10 years ago in a field in Derbyshire. I wonder what you will make of it!


My visit to Launde Abbey last week left me with a very refreshing feeling. I managed with my crutch to negotiate the woodland paths and came upon an almost completed stone spiral with a pathway to walk around it. It was surrounded by shrubs and trees and I really enjoyed walking it. Walking spirals and labyrinths are very spiritual experiences if walked in the right state of mind and in silence. The centre is where you find the quiet within you. Any kind of walk like this replenishes the spirit as well as the body. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Summer rain

It is summer here and it will soon be the Summer Solstice. As usual it is raining this weekend which is also a Bank Holiday weekend. But we do need the rain as it enables our gardens and crops to grow. It also makes the atmosphere much fresher. Rain is so cleansing and we really need this during a time of chaos and upheaval. Two eclipses, one to come, and  Venus moving across the Sun brings in powerful energies of change. As one astrologer put it, ‘this month will be like a Prehistoric storm’ so take care and go with the flow as much as you can.

I always try to add a photo here so for today here is one taken at the seaside on a rather damp day in early evening.