This week has been a hard week going from ingrowing eyelashes which had to be removed one by one by the optician to more fibro pain and a knee that keeps giving way. Meanwhile the world around me rumbles on with conflict growing day by day. I am still working on peace, trying to spend 10 seconds every hour sending out thoughts of peace but this is hard to keep doing. However we must have hope, without hope there is no point in going on. We must hope that the fighting stops soon and that people are able to rebuild their lives and have a better life.

Since the last two world wars, I think many countries have become complacent and not seen any threats to that peace until now. So now we must have hope for a proper solution so that the world can continue to build better lives for everyone. Let’s look at the letters in the word hope. H could stand for heal or healing, O for our, P for planet and E for Earth. Let us continue to send out positive thoughts and healing for peace, for all those caught in conflicts in our world not just in Europe. Let us hope for peaceful solutions to all the conflicts and send out healing energy to all sides. As the signs of new growth in nature appear let the signs of peace appear in our world.

Let there be peace all over our world.

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