A roller coaster ride

Since the ‘lockdown’ (I do not like that word!) I have been writing more about what I have been doing during the week. This week has been like a ride on a roller coaster, something else I do not like to do!.

The week started well with a remote biofield healing. I ‘tuned’ in to this easily and it was a wonderful experience. However it brought up lots of things to deal with as any kind of healing energy does and I became quite emotional. There have also been lots of energy surges this week to amplify things even more. But I was coping reasonably well even though one of my neighbours was having work done which involved a lot of dust in the air. I stayed inside and left my garden to itself watching through the window.

I have a very large old hedge, an original farm field hedge which is thick and wide and the birds love it nesting there each year. My neighbour the other side of the hedge has been hacking at it for some time even though it is not his and yesterday everything came to a head as he made large holes in it. I spoke to him and he said he is putting in a large fence on his side. OK I can be happy with that but not the damage to the hedge especially in nesting season. I am very sad about this but know that the hedge will grow again but it will take some time to do so. I hope he puts his fence up soon to hide some of the damage as I can see through into his garden and I want to see my hedge not his garden.

I am trying to put a positive face on this but it is hard. I spend a lot of time looking through the window at my garden and especially watching the birds in the hedge. What makes people want to destroy some beautiful works of nature? I will finish now and hopefully next week will be more cheerful about things. Thanks for reading.

How does your garden grow?

Times can be very difficult at the moment and I am so happy that I have a garden. When I was thinking about this blog post the words of the title came to my mind. They come from an old nursery rhyme and this is it.

‘Mary, Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.’

I did find a more modern one though;

‘All the flowers, all the colours, all in a perfect row, first the seeds and then the water ……’

One thing about having a garden is that you have to care for it. Seeds are sown and watered and then you wait patiently to see then grow. When they are large enough you put them in small pots and keep watering them. Eventually they will be large enough to go out in the garden but water is still very important.

I spend a lot of time every day in my garden. I go round it and look to see what is coming into flower and how much the plants have grown. It brings me such joy at this time of staying at home.

Looking after yourself is important too in all ways, Physical, mental and spiritual care are all important. It is easy to become depressed or just feeling down and I too have days like this. I know on one level that change is coming but the world I would like may not appear until I have left it. I have to trust that all will be well. I know that all is as it should be at this time as we change our perceptions of what life is about. Stay strong and care for yourself.

Random thoughts for the current times

I’m not normally lost for words but I have found myself that way several times this week. Social media has a lot to answer for. I can see how good it is so people can keep in touch but the amount of fake news is not good and the divisive angry words of others are not good either. It is not a time for blame or for hate. It is a time to support each other.

This is a time of great change and hopefully the change will be for the better. It is a time to take stock of our lives and how we live them. Have we been buying the wrong kind of items so that stocks of what are truly needed are not available? Have we been happy with cheap slave type labour so we can have these wonderful electronic gadgets and very cheap clothes? Have we had lots of expensive holidays abroad with no thought to the carbon footprint changed by flying?

Have you noticed the good things that are happening? The air is cleaner so people will stay healthier and have less chance of getting ill. There is less noise so we can hear the bird song. We have time to sit and ponder, to reflect and to soak up the beauty of nature around us. If you can’t get out there are plenty of places you can go in your mind. Lots of places have opened up virtual tours on line so you can look at those. You can meditate and do your yoga or other exercise just the same.

Many are worried about what is happening but it is no good worrying even though that is easier to say than do. But what will be, will be. Think about the future and how it will be changed. We cannot go back to what it was like before. Take time to just be, to just sit and do nothing letting your body and mind rest. Above all take care of yourself.

Realising what is important

Having time away from the chaos of everyday life as it was a few weeks ago brings a lot of time for reflection and inner work. By now many of us will have started to think about what is really important in our lives. The first thing to do is to look at what you already have. If you have children or a partner then you have them around you and they are important to you. But do you show them how important they are to you? Do you help them, care for them, make sure they are safe, feed them and nourish them on all levels? Is there a true connection between you all?

Our lives are slowing down and we are able to take the time to do things in a leisurely way not frantically trying to get things done because of lack of time. Be mindful when you do things. For example I have been putting small seedlings into larger trays or pots and doing this makes me feel so good with my hands in the earth and I will those seedlings to grow strong and sturdy to withstand whatever the weather brings.

My connection to the natural world in my garden is growing stronger each day and I am even starting to talk to the birds who come to visit. I have robins, wrens, starlings, blackbirds and lots of sparrows as well as other occasional visitors. I have noticed the butterflies this week, three different types too. Last night I noticed a large cloud in the sky which had the shape of a bird. It was like the dove of peace and I felt it was important.

It is a time now to think about what we need and what we want. I saw some comments yesterday on social media about some item for sale and these comments were ‘must have’ or ‘want’. Please think about what you are saying and feeling. Reflect on what you really need in your life and it might not be what you think it is. This time is precious for your soul so make the most of it and look anew at how you live your life and what is most important to you.