The approach of winter

This week there have been some cold days with sunshine and clear blue skies. These are wonderful days and I managed to go for a walk with a friend on one of these days. We walked to the local river and stood looking at the reflections in the water. The reflections were so clear and beautiful. It made me reflect on my own life at this current time. Around us there is often turmoil and chaos but this small part of our landscape brought peace. When things get tough, it is good to take the time, however short, to find a place where there is peace. Often this can mean a walk in the park or as in my case, a walk down to the local river.

But what if you can’t do this? You can close your eyes and imagine such a place, maybe one that you know or one that you would like to visit. A few minutes of just doing nothing but seeing a peaceful place can re-energise you.

Do you take the time to stop at least once every day?

Do you use that time to reflect on your day and your life?

Here is a photo of that small river and the reflections in it.



This week has been a busy week for many. Some have been finding ways of donating money to the disaster fund while others have been raising money for Children in Need. It is this latter item that has been in my thoughts for much of this week. People here in the UK are generous with their time and money, raising money for projects for those who are disadvantaged in some way, often those children with terminal illnesses. The projects give these children a better life while they are still with us and support the families too. .Others are helped by doing sporting activities to give them much needed confidence. There are so many of these projects which give comfort and hope to many. They are necessary for these children and their families.

But why do we have to raise money for them in this way? (I’m not against it but wonder why it is necessary.) In a fair, caring and supportive society, these projects would be funded with the taxes we pay to those in power. Do those in power have the right priorities? Are they spending our money in the right way? Should we put people, especially children, before other things? If we cared about each other and respected each other, then these projects would already be in place and any fund raising would provide extras not just necessities. Your thoughts on this as usual, are welcome.

Growing old and ancient

The frost this morning brought a bright blue sky and crisp clear air. How beautiful this is.

But while walking to my new home with a load of items for the kitchen, I found myself thinking of ancient things. Not just the Ancient Ones as we call our ancestors but also ancient trees as well. In winter these show their real characteristics with gnarled branches and trunks. I love the beauty of these trees.

This brings me to growing old and how the faces of older people show their true characteristics. They have often weathered through the storms of life, like wars and poverty and this shows in their faces. Today many people are more interested in looking young and at great expense. What is wrong with showing who you truly are? Do you need to hide the scars of your life with make-up? Or dye your hair because you don’t want to be seen by others as growing old? Are you ashamed of growing old? The trees are happy to grow old and show gnarled branches and trunks to the world and so should we be too.

old tree