Staying home alone

A couple of weeks ago now I was told that because of my age I was expected to stay at home for 12 weeks. Last week everyone else was told to stay at home for 3 weeks so no-one is out and about apart from those doing essential shopping, collecting prescriptions and dog walking and maybe a few runners. Historians have asked that people and especially children, keep a diary of these times so that future generations can see how we coped or not. I do keep a short entry diary but my blog can serve as a record as well.

So what am I doing with this time at home alone? I am trying to keep to my daily routine for first thing in the morning as I think this is important so you won’t find me running around in my PJs! That might be a generational thing though. I was brought up to get dressed every morning after a quick wash and before breakfast. I was then ready for the day. So I have continued with this. I have a garden and have been growing seedlings indoors but putting them outside to harden off ready for planting later, but bringing them in at night. They need a lot of water too and after all the rain we had previously the ground is drying out and the pots need watering every day. I have also planted some pea seeds in a large pot so I will have garden peas to eat later in the year. I am going to plant some potatoes which sprouted before being eaten. They will be planted in a large canvas bag I bought some time ago for just this.

I have spent a little time playing my piano; my fingers only allow me about 15 minutes before they complain but I do enjoy it. I have been working on family history for a friend and also doing more meditation. I sit and watch the birds and butterflies and this is a form of meditation for me as well as the more traditional meditations. I have found that chatting to friends on the phone is important and as for those of us who live alone it is more important that texting or emailing although both of those are good as well. But they are not the same as hearing someone’s voice over the phone. I am also back to jigsaw puzzles. I love these and they can pass the time very quickly. But I am grateful for the fact that so far I am not ill in any way, physically or mentally and am coping although that could change over this long period of staying home alone.

So how are you coping? Are you catching up with old projects or finding new ones? I’d love to read your comments.

Dealing with social distancing and isolation

The first few days of social distancing were hard. I know that the world is going to change and I was very emotional about it all. But now I see that the world is changing. Many people are becoming more helpful and thoughtful towards others although there are those who are only thinking about themselves. But on the whole this is a good thing as people learn to put others first and make sure they are kept healthy and safe.

But what can you do with this time alone keeping a distance from partners and friends?There is so much you can do as well as writing, crafting and reflecting you can deepen your connection with the natural world. You don’t have to be outside to do this even if you live in a high rise flat with no balcony or garden space. Just look through your window at the sky. Notice the clouds, what colour are they, how are they moving, do they form shapes, etc?

I have spent a lot of time looking out through the window at my garden. I have managed to get out there too and do a bit of weeding and tidying up but I have sat and watched the birds, chasing each other and feeding from the feeders and bird table. They give me so much joy. Then on Monday I saw a brimstone butterfly, the first one this year. The small spring flowers are blooming and adding colour to the earth and the shrubs are showing tiny green leaves. Cherry blossom is out too. Nature continues on its way ignoring what the humans are doing and the chaos that abounds. The streets are quiet so you can hear the birds and feel that silence within you and within the earth around you. Stop and listen!

I not only watch the birds and flowers, I talk to them as well. They don’t answer me back but I get that feeling of connection with them. I love to stand by the door and look at the sky and watch the clouds and the birds.

Another thing I do is listen to music and play my piano. I love the music of Einaudi which is simple but in its own way, quite emotional as it moves up and down the scale. I find music speaks to my soul and replenishes it just as the natural world does. There are other composers who take me out of myself and into another world with their music. Find the right ones for you. Music is healing.

I also use tarot and oracle cards. I have been reading them now for over 30 years and read intuitively. Yesterday I asked for two cards, one each from different packs to see what message they gave for the next few days. Diana Cooper’s Dragon oracle cards gave me the Fire and Water dragon with the message – prepare for change and to move forward quickly. Expect the unexpected but have fun!. The Keepers of Light oracle cards by Kyle Gray gave me The Myriam with the message choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light in all and remember that love has no boundaries. I don’t think any further words are needed. Stay safe and positive and make the best of this time. Treat it like a retreat.

Finding the positive and the opportunities in the current world crisis.

First of all let’s be clear that fear is not a good thing. Fear spreads quickly and leaves your immune system stressed and less able to work properly. Worry does the same thing. Don’t worry about things you can’t change but change what you can to make sure you stay well. But in this crisis opportunities for change for the good are appearing. Families are able to become closer by caring for each other better, and spend time together if in isolation mode and learn to work with each other. Working from home is becoming acceptable and many who are isolated in this way are welcoming the fact they don’t have the commute to work and that is also helping them to feel better.

Some will pass over but they will only go if their time is right. You go when you are meant to go. There is no choice about this. But you can take precautions as stated in the governments notes. Businesses are failing and people are struggling moneywise but they will then start to look at what life is really about. Do we need new phones and gadgets all the time. Do we need expensive imported foods? Do we need expensive holidays and weddings abroad? What is most important in your life? Do we always have to have the latest fashion fad? These items are often made in countries where labour is cheap and work conditions are like slavery. Think about this.

People have not listened to the warnings about our planet and the way they live so something had to happen to make them think. For over a year now I have ‘known’ that something would happen. I thought it might be a giant earthquake or intensive flooding. We have had the wild fires and the flooding and all that happened was people complained about compensation and getting more money to rebuild in the same way as before. So now we have a spreading illness bringing everything to a halt. Now is your opportunity to reflect on your life, the way you live and how you could make changes. The world will not be the same again. Look for the good things and the opportunities that are there for you to learn about love for the earth, for your family and for others.
And if you get ill, then make sure you recover properly before mixing with others.

Here is a wonderful piece of writing that I came across yesterday. It is long but worth the read.


by Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM

March 13th 2020

Yes there is fear.

Yes there is isolation.

Yes there is panic buying.

Yes there is sickness.

Yes there is even death.


They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise

You can hear the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks of quiet

The sky is no longer thick with fumes

But blue and grey and clear.

They say that in the streets of Assisi

People are singing to each other

across the empty squares,

keeping their windows open

so that those who are alone

may hear the sounds of family around them.

They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland

Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.

Today a young woman I know

is busy spreading fliers with her number

through the neighbourhood

So that the elders may have someone to call on.

Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples

are preparing to welcome

and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary

All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting

All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way

All over the world people are waking up to a new reality

To how big we really are.

To how little control we really have.

To what really matters.

To Love.

So we pray and we remember that

Yes there is fear.

But there does not have to be hate.

Yes there is isolation.

But there does not have to be loneliness.

Yes there is panic buying.

But there does not have to be meanness.

Yes there is sickness.

But there does not have to be disease of the soul

Yes there is even death.

But there can always be a rebirth of love.

Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.

Today, breathe.

Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic

The birds are singing again

The sky is clearing,

Spring is coming,

And we are always encompassed by Love.

Open the windows of your soul

And though you may not be able

to touch across the empty square,


Life experiences

Life is a journey from one experience to another. We are born, grow into childhood then adulthood and later become known as elderly! But there are lots of experiences in between being born and dying. So what are these experiences and what do we learn from them? We learn quite early on that not everyone is a friend and not all parents are loving and caring. But what you learn from those kind of experiences makes you stronger and helps you to understand how others feel about their own situations.

I did a counselling course a long time ago and remember the tutor stating that I had obviously gone through some of the experiences in the course as I had a better understanding of them and would be able to help others go through these experiences in a better way. Grief is one of these experiences.

Over the years I have explored spiritual/esoteric matters in some depth and I am one of those people who believe in reincarnation. After all, we cannot go through all the necessary experiences that we need in order to make us whole, in one lifetime. We need several lifetimes for that. Some call these experiences lessons to be learned but I prefer the word experience because that is what we do. We experience love, hate, being poor or rich and being homeless or otherwise. It is only when we have experienced these things that we learn to understand them and so understand how others get into that kind of experience.

At a discussion group last year I was talking about the soul and soul plans. That had a very mixed reaction but I find it feasible that the soul does make a plan before it returns to earth. Everything we do in our lives is part of our learning and for me I think it is meant to be. We do have free will though and can make mistakes along our journey but overall I feel that a soul plan is something I believe in.

So if you haven’t stopped reading by now, then what do you think about reincarnation and soul plans?

Looking beyond current events

With all the turmoil, climate change and a spreading virus, many people are worrying, feeling lost and hurt both physically and emotionally. There is panic and fear about what might happen next. It is time to stop worying and feeling fear and stand back and look at the overall picture.

Yes, floods and fires cause a lot of damage and people feel hurt and lot by it all. Many are worried about catching this virus that is spreading around the world. But if you think about everything as a whole event, then you can see that the infrastructure of towns, cities and countries is starting to crumble. Those in power are starting to lose that power. The people are starting to rebel. Over the last few decades and centuries even, the rich have got richer and the poor have got poorer. Will this ever change?

I try to keep politics out of my blogs but I was told in meditation to speak my truth even though some will not like what I am about to say. We have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. This is hurting many people but continuing as we are will also hurt many more. We are on the edge of a new world. If you work with your light body in some way or spend time filling yourself with light then now is the time. Stand tall and strong with your body full of light, shining out into the world and so helping others to see this light and go and find it for themselves. If you work with any form of healing energy then use it to send out peace and love to all on the planet, even those who are causing the trouble. The light are winning. Take heart and join with them to see the change that our world needs. Do not be afraid. At a higher level all is as it should be and all will end well with a world that is fit for all. Stand tall and shine out like a beacon!