Winter has arrived!

Boxing Day brought the snow. It was thick and fast and covered the ground quickly. But by the next morning it had started to melt. However it soon became very cold again and there is still snow on the ground and on the roofs of the houses. When the sun shines, it glistens and looks beautiful.

I used to love being out in the snow when I was younger but now I am not so happy to be outside in case I fall over. Old bones do not mend so easily as young ones so I have to take more care and stay indoors until the pavements are safe for me to walk on. I am lucky to have a very good friend who will take me to the shops. There are many older people who do not have such friends. Do you check on the elderly living near you to see if they need help when the weather is bad?  Often they may just need someone to talk to. It can be lonely living on your own and the days seem much longer when there is no one to talk to.

In many places there are befriending schemes. I think that these are good for those who live alone whatever age they are but especially for those who cannot get out easily. As a druid, caring for others, especially those who are vulnerable is part of my belief although I am on the other side of this now. I do try to help others when I can. How about you?


Moving forwards with the light

The shortest day brings the return of the light. Now is the time to look forward and to move forward too. It is time to look at what being a druid really means. For me being a druid is not just about connecting to the natural world but is also about the connection between us all. Every one in the world has that divine spark within them even if they do not know it or acknowledge it. Whatever faith or colour, we are connected even if we disagree about the ways of the world.

Others may not think the same way as I do, they may not agree with what I do, they may hate me for what I am and do. But hating them back is not a good way to go. Gandhi said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Hating others because they think differently, breeds more hate.

Ancients druids were peacemakers. They had love,understanding, tolerance, compassion, respect and knowledge. These are qualities that I hope I am achieving. It is not easy to stand back some times and avoid the conflict but that is my aim. Getting angry is no good either as that makes more anger and anger is no good for any one.

History is repeating itself again, that is the turmoil in our world. Some are provoking others with their actions. The media are good at this, saying and writing things deliberately to provoke others into anger and hate. If you are strong in your beliefs of fairness, tolerance, respect, compassion and love, then you can withstand these attacks.

May this solstice bring you peace, love, understanding, respect for others, tolerance, compassion and knowledge.


Winter time

It is getting colder. Several mornings this last week the ground has been white with frost. I love to see it even though it keeps me indoors. The delicate frost particles bring a shimmer to everything and glisten in the sun shine. Generally the skies are blue and clear when this happens. This morning though the sky has red streaks in it. Not a good sign I think, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning is the saying. It does look lovely though. Do you notice the sky in the mornings? Or the way the frost glistens?

Last weekend I visited the local Tree Festival. There were over 900 trees and it was a spectacular sight. I have decorated my Yule tree already and this year I have made my home look more festive. I have also started to look back at what I have managed to achieve this year. It has been a difficult year but I am looking forward to the coming months.  Despite the turmoil in the world today, my inner turmoil has decreased and I feel more at peace with myself and my surroundings.

My robin comes to visit every day now; the British robin is smaller than its namesake in the USA. Although the photo is not that good I hope you can see him at the bird feeder.



The time of the year

It is getting near to the Christmas festival. Last week I wrote about Black Friday. This week I am following on with the same kind of theme. I hate seeing small children screaming and shouting, stamping their feet and generally having tantrums just because they cannot have what they want. But there are so many of them doing this that I wonder what their parents think and do.

Maybe I am getting old and grumpy but I was brought up during and after the war and many items were rationed. For Christmas I had a stocking which contained an orange, an apple, and some nuts perhaps. Chocolate was rationed but when that was no longer so, I got a selection pack. I was also given a game to play with others or a jigsaw and one main present. There were a few presents from relations but that was all and I was happy.

Why is it that we all want so much? Why do you need a 50 inch screen TV? Why do you want the latest gadget? We are back to needing and wanting and the difference between them. Yesterday a friend told me about the way her children took some old electrical gadgets they no longer needed and exchanged them for something they preferred now. But the new gadget was not a really new one either but had been used before. Is advertising to blame? Do you believe what the adverts say?mistymorning