When things go wrong

There are a lot of things going wrong in the world today. Some are small while others are life changing. I always wonder why something has gone wrong when it does that. Is it something I forgot to do? Is it something I should have thought about a bit more before doing it? And so on.

Our world is rather chaotic at the moment while the pandemic goes on and our thoughts and perceptions change. One of the things to think about when something goes wrong for you is why it has happened. Did your mail order not arrive or was it the wrong item? Did you order something you needed or just order something you fancied?

Did you travel somewhere and then find yourself unable to get back because of some kind of failure in transport or because of quarantine? Was the urge to travel stronger than your urge to stay safe?

All these things that go wrong are there to make you think about what you are doing with your life. We all know that changes are around and we need to look at these changes and decide which ones are for the better for everyone not just yourself. If we want a world where people consider each other and respect each other then we have to look at how we behave and change our behaviour if necessary.

One thing which has horrified me during the pandemic is the huge use of plastics. Where are these plastic bags and masks going to end up? I have my groceries delivered because I am unable to carry them and always stated no bags. Now I have no choice and I have collected a box full of plastic carrier bags during the lockdown. I shall reuse as many as possible. The lesson here is that although I made a good choice, the current state of our country means I am unable to keep that choice.

There is so much to think about and when things go wrong we need to be aware of the why’s of this and how we can possibly make the right choices in future.

When you feel down

I don’t normally write about myself as such because I write to inform, provoke thought or try to inspire. So this weeks blog is a bit different. My week has had an up and down feel to it with more downs than ups. So what do I do about the down parts? Mainly I try to get outside in the fresh air which generally gives me some energy back and I can get on with doing things I want to do. This does not always work though.

During the pandemic, things have gradually improved and we are able to go out but I don’t have a car so can only go where I can walk unless I use public transport which in my case is an 18-seater bus where social distancing would be quite difficult. I can’t share a car with someone else unless they are in my bubble. So I can go out with my son in his car as we are in what is termed a bubble, but he lives 40 miles away so visits once a week. That is good though and we went out earlier this week to a local nature reserve which I enjoyed. But this brings in another problem as my mobility is rather bad at the moment and walking even a short distance can be too painful. I have a mobility scooter but that won’t go in his car so if I use the scooter I am limited to local areas and the amount of time my hands will work on the controls.

I can sketch, paint, sew, knit, play the piano if I wish but these are all subject to the amount of pain in my hands. And I also have to feel motivated to do any of these things. One thing I have found that influences whether I feel down or not, is the weather. Today and several days this week, the sky is grey, cloudy and looking like rain. I shall feel much better when the sun comes out. I find the small things important, like seeing a butterfly or bee on a flower or watching the young birds squabble over the food on the bird table or in the feeders. These little things can help to brighten the day.

So I feel sympathy with those in similar situations and try to help others with my words when I can. So if you are like me and reading this please know that you are not alone. Let us look forward to a new world where we will have the help we need to enable us to fulfil our lives in a better way.

Releasing and letting go

During this time of chaos while we build our new world it is good to do some releasing and letting go. This can be as simple as getting rid of things you no longer need such as clothes and furniture. Many have already done this.

But it is also good to get rid of those old habits which are not really right for this time. There are also old ways of thinking and these can go too being replaced by more pertinent ways and different ways of perceiving things. But what about all those feelings you hold tight to, feelings of hate, of dislike, of rejection, of injustice,etc? These too need to be released in some way and healed. You can then bring in the feelings of love, peace, justice, etc. This time is a transition time between the old world and the new one. Think about what you want in your new world. Do you want it full of hate and division or do you want it full of love and peace.

Remember that what you ‘put out’ or think about can become reality so concentrate on the good things. I have been doing a card for the day this week for a small healing group that I started on Facebook. There was a theme of transition, strength, honouring your inner knowing and about standing up and being counted.

So think hard about the new world you want to see and prepare for it by letting go of the things, emotions and thoughts that you no longer need.


This is an old post from 2017 but I thought it was just as relevant today. I have added bits here and there as well.

Have you ever thrown a stone into a pond or river and watched the ripples spread out? They go on for ages and ages. I find watching these is a wonderful way to think about how we live our lives. Over the last couple of weeks here in the UK large stones have been thrown into the pond and the ripples are still moving along reaching all parts of the world.

These ripples affect everything they come into contact with and we do not know what that effect will be. We need to have faith that all will be well, that whatever the effect of the ripples it will be for our own good. But this is hard to do. The future is uncertain and we need to have trust and faith. We need to come together, to forgive others for their harsh words and to move forward in peace. But those who have been badly hurt by the throwing of the stone are finding it hard to forgive. But forgiveness is important. If we don’t forgive and move on, then hate and anger fester inside us making us ill and also making us hurt others who we see as enemies.

We have to trust that all is as it should be and that the future is good. We will get through the changes brought upon us by the ripples and we will see a better world for all.

Those of us who work at higher levels of  consciousness often see what is not seen by others We know that the way forward is not via hate and anger but is by love, peace and understanding. We need to be united and work together to help others to understand this. Anger and revenge is not the way to go. Time out in nature can help us to reflect on the ripples that go out after the throwing of the stone and how they interact with other ripples thrown by other stones. Take time now to contemplate on your actions and your way forward.