It really has seemed like winter time this last couple of weeks. I went out with my son on Thursday to a local country park. Both lakes were frozen over, one totally and the other about 3/4s so the poor swans and ducks were stuck to one part of the lake which was not frozen. It was bitterly cold but the sun was shining. I love these kind of days but I do not like the dark mornings and evenings. However the Winter Solstice is almost here.

Once we get to the winter solstice I feel much better. I know the light is returning and it will be lighter in the mornings and evenings. For me it is my new year. But there are many other things to think about. The weather is changing today and going from 1 degree to 11 or more. Climate extremes but why? There are many who say there is no such thing as climate change. There has always been climate change but it seems to have changed for the worse over the last few years. There are things we can do to slow the changes down but no-one seems to want to do anything.

In this country many are struggling to pay bills, to buy food and to stay warm. What sort of country is this? How has it got to this? And what are we going to do about it? I feel lucky that I have enough for me, I am warm, fairly warm at least, and have clothes and food. I am able to help a less well off neighbour and can help in other ways too. But it should not be like this. If we imagine how we want our world to be, how we are all equal and work together in peace and respect, if we can imagine this each day then maybe if enough of us do this, it will actually happen. Be the world you want to be.

Happy holidays to all my readers.

A chaotic world

All around are the signs of chaos. I am really shocked at what is going on around us. What happened to common sense and reasoned thought? You can’t just flip from one thing to another without hurting someone or something. There are so many important things going on in our world that need to be dealt with sooner rather than later or there will be no later. Yet people dance around each other thinking things are funny when so many people are suffering not just here in my country but elsewhere in the world. All life is suffering, trees, birds, insects etc are all in decline.

We have had extreme heat over the summer, now torrential rain has arrived. There are so many signs that our climate is changing yet nothing is happening to help us to find solutions. In fact, those in power are making things worse by allowing new coal mines, new oil and gas offshore drilling and fracking. When are people going to realise that we have to change the way we live, the way we build our homes and the way we travel, grow food etc. If we carry on as we are doing then in a few decades time we will all be gone.

I used to believe that spirit would not allow our world to disintegrate but I find it hard to believe that now. It comes back to hope. We have to have hope or we have nothing. I’m sure I wrote this last week but things have got much worse since then. Is what is happening a sign that all we know will disappear and a new world miraculously emerge? If so how do we help that new world to emerge? I remember writing that we could imagine a better world and keep that image foremost but I am beginning to feel that we need to do more. But what? Do you have any answers or suggestion?

Are you ready?

There are a lot of changes on the way so are you ready for these? Are you prepared? It is much better if you have some idea of how to cope as the changes are then not such a shock.

The world we have known is falling apart and collapsing around us. Most of this is about material things but governments are not doing so well either and no-one in charge really seems to understand how important our planet is and how to protect it better. Humanity in the western world has always seemed to take things for granted. You want it and it is there for you. This will not happen for much longer and in many parts of the world it has never happened. We have just had one of the hottest summers on record with little or no rain, yet many still go on as before and do nothing about saving water in their daily use of it, still drive more than necessary and still fly on holidays abroad.

Many habitats have been destroyed by lack of or too much water in some cases. We can save water by using it sensibly so why don’t we? We can save electricity and gas by using it sensibly so again why don’t we? Do you need to wash your clothes every day? Do you throw away clothes after wearing them a few times and buy new ones? I still have clothes that are very old, like ten or more years old, but still wearable and I love wearing them. My mother taught me how to repair clothes so they are as new and I do this. Every little bit helps.

But one of the most important changes to come will be in how we treat others. We all come from the same source, we all have a spark of the divine and we are all equal in the eyes of Spirit. It is not just about us but about all of us. We need to make sure that we all have food to eat and clothes to wear and a roof over our heads. There should be no-one homeless anywhere. Homes should be built where they are safe and not likely to be swept away in a flood but we still build houses on flood plains.

The future seems uncertain but hold that vision of something for everyone living together in peace and working together to provide food and clothing for all. It will be different from now but it will be better. Hold that vision and stay strong!

An update

I haven’t written this blog for some weeks now although I have uploaded photos to another of my blogs ( I have not felt able to write for a while, at least not write about things I felt were important. I have had physical health problems as well as a period of what can only be called depression and have been through a period of great stress but I feel that I can write a little at least, today.

The things that have kept me going are all outside in our natural world. Watching the flowers bud and bloom, watching damselflies and bees around the flowers and hedgerows, listening to the birds and just sitting out there in silence and taking it all in. I spent some time with a friend last week and really enjoyed going out with her and being able to also sit outside in her garden and enjoy it all. Finding small insects and identifying them, lots of beetles and caterpillars as well as other insects. Our natural world is amazing and there are so many different species to see.

On the other hand I have been disappointed in what is going on in our world and how it is being dealt with. Sometimes I feel ashamed of what others are doing. I am sure you will all know what I am referring to here. It is time for a big wake up call to go out to those who still feel the world is all about them and their desires. It is becoming necessary to look at how we live and how we can change and that means each one of us not just a few. I hope that change for the better does happen and I am trying to keep hope strong in my mind.

So I am getting back into writing but I might not write this blog every week. I will see how things go.

Finding joy in these dark times

There is always something good out there that will give you joy, however dark the world is around us all. One of the things that gives me joy is my tiny garden. I live in a housing complex for older people so we have fairly large grounds around us with lots of trees and a small brook running along the bottom of the area. Some of us have found a spot to have a small garden and I am one of those people.

My son has a large garden and grows most of his own plants from seed. This year he ran out of space to house all the seedlings so a large number came to me. I have half hardy plants on my windowsill including some pepper plants and I have two mini greenhouses outside which are full of plants and I have trays of plants outside the greenhouse. Some of these plants will go in my little garden but some are being ‘sold’ to raise money for the Brain Tumour charity. There are chrysanthemums, echiums, lots of different rudbeckias, inulas and french marigolds. There will be others later as they become ready for planting.

‘Sold’ is the wrong word as people re being asked to give a donation to the charity. As the plants are ready to go outside, they will be offered to others for a small donation to the charity. My son and I also planted a wildflower garden last year and this is now coming to life. There are several plants growing strongly already including poppies, and wild carrots.

But being out there in the early morning, opening up the greenhouses gives me so much joy. I can stand there in the quiet and listen to the birds singing, robins and blackbirds mainly but there are other birds. I love the early mornings especially when the sun is shining. There is a feeling of peace out there and joy at being alive. I hope that those undergoing the terror of wars and natural disasters will find somewhere where they can feel peace. Just standing outside and closing your eyes can bring that peace feeling to you. Peace is inside you and is always there if you look for it.

My greenhouses

Gathering Strength

I wrote a post five years ago with this theme. Here it is again with some additions;

‘The decision to leave the EU brought a deep shock to many in the UK. Now is the time to regroup, to look at past mistakes and to plan for a fairer world where the old, the poor, the
disabled and all in need are cared for. Respect for others points of view is essential but if we all had that then the vitriol of the press would not occur and that would help all of us.’

So what has happened since then? Is our world a fairer one and do we respect others more? Does the press do better or have they got worse?

‘Our land is at threat by fracking and major road and rail building which will go through ancient woodlands and nature reserves. It can take many years for these to recover properly
and it is important that we try to stop the desecration of our land. Recent research has proved that spending time in nature can keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit. Think about this.’

This is still going on and many wonderful trees have been felled. Fracking was stopped but might appear again on the agenda as the war in Ukraine continues.

‘We also need a fairer voting system too. Over hundreds of years those at the bottom of the heap have fought for improvements in their lives. It has taken until after the Second World War to develop some of the things we should treasure like the NHS. Are we moving backwards to the years of Lords and serfs? Or can we stand united to get what is needed for all of us, not just here but in other parts of the world.’

No change here I think.

‘I have been watching the VE commemoration events. I remember the war vaguely. I was 4 when it ended. I remember the deprivation caused by rationing and the derelict areas where bombs had fallen. Many lost their lives in the war so we could have freedom, justice and peace. Are you ready to fight now for a fairer world? Reflect and think about what you can
do. Stand up and be counted!’

A few years after this blog was written and we are now celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s reign. Have your or your views changed over the last five years? Are you still ready to fight for a better world? We all need to stand up for what is right, for peace and respect for all. We need to shine out our light and radiate peace and love at all times. Can you do this?


The conversation goes a bit like this. ‘Do you realise that we need clean air to breathe?’ Response ‘Of course I do’. ‘So why do you have a very large car that runs on diesel when you don’t need such a large car?’ ‘It doesn’t really apply to me does it, after all I am only one car and what difference would it make if I had a smaller car or used public transport?’ No-one I speak to seems to understand that we all have to change our ways, every one of us. It is the same with flying abroad for a holiday.We can do it so why not?

During the first weeks of the when we were ‘locked down’ and had to stay indoors except for essential journeys, the air around us became cleaner and the sky too seemed brighter without all the chemtrails running across it. If you stepped outside for some fresh air that is what you got, much cleaner fresh air with not fuel smells. Surely that must have told us something. But now we are back to normal, far too many cars, some of which are ‘souped up’ and patrol our streets bringing noise pollution as well. And the skies are full again and people struggling in long queues to get on planes and ferries to go abroad for a holiday. It seems that no-one is learning lessons here and that the future for us and our planet is of no concern either.

It is the same with all the conflicts in our world. Unless it is actually on the doorstep no-one seems to care. I thought that being human meant we cared about others as well as looking after ourselves and that we helped those who were less fortunate and had compassion for them. We are all one, all part of the same universe and human race. We are all connected in many ways and we need to find that connection and share love , compassion and peace so that we have a future to look forward to.

Trying to look forward

The Equinox has passed and this weekend here in the UK our clocks go forward an hour to British Summer Time. This week has been a wonderful week of sunshine and warmth. The butterflies that hibernated throughout the winter have come out to feed and there are so many of them, brimstones, peacocks, commas and small tortoiseshells. With them are the bees, large and small feeding on the blackthorn blossom. The birds are collecting twigs for their nests and all is lovely in the natural world. It makes it easy to ignore what is going on with the conflict in Ukraine. Is this a good or a bad thing?

I am still very aware of what is going on but know that the only thing I can do is donate to refugee and other aid funds and send our the energy of peace and love. If conflicts go on for a long time, people become complacent and forget that their help is still needed. The urgency of the first few days of the conflict fade away. This is not good and we always need to be aware of what is going on whether in Ukraine or in other countries.

There have been wars throughout our history and we never seem to learn the lessons that are presented to us. So we have to go through it all again. But we are going to have to learn some new things as prices rise and daily living gets harder. Those of us who are older will know how to deal with shortages of fuel and food. We lived through this kind of thing before so we know how to deal with it. We know how to use fuel sparingly and how to cook nourishing meals with cheap ingredients. A shortage of petrol may help our environment and clean up our air. People might walk more and become healthier. Good things can happen, just look for them. So I am trying to look forward with optimism and hope that the conflicts in our world are all soon ended.

Whatever happens, nature carries on

Our world is beset by conflict but the natural world continues to thrive. Spring is here now and it is much warmer. Today and for several days we have had blues skies and lots of sun. The birds are busy and I am not sure whether the starlings have already had one brood although it is a bit early for that. There is a lot of bird song though. The plants are thriving, the bulbs and flowers appearing, many of them coloured yellow to cheer us up and to remind us of Ukraine.

I claimed two free saplings from the Woodland Trust for their climate change programme. My son had one, a crabapple and the other one, a wild cherry, we planted in the garden of the housing complex where I live. The saplings were only small but they will grow over the years.

I am trying not to worry about the world situation as what will be will be whatever I or others do. I am still working with ceremonies for peace and will continue as long as needed. There are lessons to be learned but those in charge are unwilling to learn so we seem to be going towards another disaster at some point. Life can be simple and enjoyable. Walking in the countryside proves that. I for one, don’t need a lot to make me happy. Just listening to the birds and breathing in the sunshine does that. So take care, get out in the sunshine and look to see what you can find in the hedgerows as hibernating insects wake up.


This week has been a hard week going from ingrowing eyelashes which had to be removed one by one by the optician to more fibro pain and a knee that keeps giving way. Meanwhile the world around me rumbles on with conflict growing day by day. I am still working on peace, trying to spend 10 seconds every hour sending out thoughts of peace but this is hard to keep doing. However we must have hope, without hope there is no point in going on. We must hope that the fighting stops soon and that people are able to rebuild their lives and have a better life.

Since the last two world wars, I think many countries have become complacent and not seen any threats to that peace until now. So now we must have hope for a proper solution so that the world can continue to build better lives for everyone. Let’s look at the letters in the word hope. H could stand for heal or healing, O for our, P for planet and E for Earth. Let us continue to send out positive thoughts and healing for peace, for all those caught in conflicts in our world not just in Europe. Let us hope for peaceful solutions to all the conflicts and send out healing energy to all sides. As the signs of new growth in nature appear let the signs of peace appear in our world.

Let there be peace all over our world.