When I first moved into this house, the small garden was rather overgrown. After some severe weeding and pruning I found a buddleia hidden away. Pruning back other shrubs gave this wonderful bush room to grow and breathe. Butterflies love this bush and it is often called the Butterfly Bush. My son was here last weekend and was busy using my camera to take photos of the butterflies on the buddleia. They are so wonderful to watch, to spend time in contemplation, seeing how they collect nectar from the flowers. Nature never ceases to amaze me and I wish that all of us could see the magnificence of it all.

Butterflies are about transformation and this is what is happening to our world today. There are many changes afoot and many more to come so we must be like the butterfly, ready to change, to transform ourselves into something better, more caring and more aware of all around us. What do you see when you sit and contemplate on this photo of the butterfly?


A wonderful companion

This has been a week of sadness. My son’s cat eventually succumbed to a tumour on his jaw. Duprè was an amazing cat. Unlike his brother Arthur, he saw off the feral cats in France, hunted well but was always very affectionate. He was 12 years old when he became ill and after losing teeth unnecessarily, it was discovered that he had a tumour on his jaw. After a short time of fighting this, he sadly left us on Thursday 16th. Our pets are very special to us and they often teach us our lessons in life. Knowing when to let them go is hard but they always seem to find a way to tell you that it is their time to go. Like humans they have a Rainbow Bridge to cross to their spirit land where they can be restored to good health. Many of them stay around as our Spirit Guides and help us on our way in the rest of our lives. Duprè is one of these and I am sure my son will feel his spirit around him when he is needed.


This week I was privileged to do a handfasting. This took place in Chalice Well on Wednesday. I am not a lover of Glastonbury much preferring the open spaces on the moors and mountains. Although the weather was damp, the handfasting went well and the gardens were lovely. I love doing handfastings as they can be extra special with the people involved writing their own vows and each ceremony is different because everyone wants something different and special to them. There is something very sacred about this and this kind of ceremony always seems more meaningful than the Registry Office one. Here in England, handfastings are not legal and the Registry Office one has to be undertaken too if a legal marriage is required. In Scotland they are now legal which is very good.

On arriving back home the sun was shining, so typical of British weather.

The photo this week is of me in my robe.


Changes, upsets and weather

Lots of changes going on in the world at the moment. The energy around us is a bit chaotic to say the least. Everyone I know has had some kind of upheaval or upset in their life this month and we are only at the beginning of the month. There have been separations in relationships, illnesses and financial problems. But we must look at the positive side of all this. Any upheaval or upset makes us look at our lives in a different way. What is it that has brought this to us? What can we do to change our perspective? How can we live differently? All these questions arise when disaster strikes. We look at how we are living our lives and find ways to change. We make new decisions so that we live each day to the full. Every upset is a challenge to deal with and this is a part of life. The weather does not help when it is grey and dismal but yesterday we had three thunderstorms in the space of a few hours. These seem to have cleared the air for a short while at least.

When disaster strikes we need to take the time to find some inner quiet and listen to what our inner self is saying. It is hard to find time for the inner quiet but it is essential if we are to move forward to a new life. Take a walk in the park and sit under a tree. You’d be surprised how different you feel!