I hope my blog this week will bring on some discussion and also make you think about stuff we take for granted and consider to be our right.

I keep hearing about rights, right to do this, right to say that. One thing I keep hearing is a right to have clean air and water. But what are rights?

According to Wikipedia a right is a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something.

So who decides what our rights are? Are rights something that we have accepted and taken for granted? In the western world we have generally got clean air and water, we have food, a roof over our head and clothes. We also mainly have gadgets to make life easier. But in some countries, this is not available. There are many people out there who do not have access to clean drinking water never mind anything else. So what about their rights?

Who first decided what our rights were? Is a right an artificial way of saying ‘we want’? Are rights about freedom to do what we want whatever the consequences? There is a saying ‘do what you want as long as you do no harm’. But how does that fit in with respect for others? If we want a fairer world where we are all equal and we respect each other and our land, then how do rights fit in with this? Over to you now.


What a weekend!

Supermoon, Equinox and Eclipse! A powerful group of events so watch what happens next. For me eclipses signal great change and often chaos but also trigger earthquakes. This group of events has opened a window for change and new beginnings, getting rid of the old first. But the changes in the weather over the last three days have also been great, Friday was warm and sunny, warm enough to sit outside, then yesterday a cold biting wind took over and more layers of clothes were needed. Today is warm and sunny again. So what will it be like tomorrow?

A weekend with friends is always good and a cake to come home is good too. So is the company of 4 loving cats. I’ll say nothing about the dog who seems to have been unsettled by the eclipse.

A ceremony on Friday evening just as it started to go dark was beautiful and the three wise women enjoyed this immensely. We are looking forward to the lengthening of the days, the growing warmth of the sun and the next ceremony.

What did this group of events mean to you? And what are your thoughts about the coming days?




Mothers Day

Today in the UK it is Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day. In years gone by, this day was when children gave their mothers a small posy of flowers. Today it is extremely commercial and seems to have lost something. I have written about this before in a previous blog and my feelings have not changed since then. It is fine to have a day especially for mothers but should we not appreciate them every day. It is easy to say words of love and appreciation every time you meet and to give thanks for what your mother has done for you. How often do you tell someone you love them? All too often I hear people say that they wished they had told someone how much they cared while they were still alive.

It is also good to do the same for all of those you love and who love you. It is all too easy to take things for granted and never say thank you or show appreciation. The world today seems to be about greed and grab without thought for anyone or anything else.’ I want’ is the most heard phrase from children especially. Have we lost sight of what is most important?

I’ve said enough now, enjoy your day and think of those you love and tell them just that.


Moving forward slowly

The days are getting longer, you know what I mean, the hours of daylight are longer. This makes me feel so much better. I can see the changes in the earth too. Everything is starting to grow and waiting for a warm sunny day to burst forth.

As for me, help with transport has made life easier and more enjoyable. I am able to get out to go to craft groups as well as things like hospital appointments. So life is much better.

You know that summer days are on their way when you hear the lawn mowers coming out. My grass is yet to be cut but I did manage a little work in the garden yesterday. A few minutes here and there add up. Some times I think we rush around too much, trying to get everything done quickly. Yet my few minutes at a time seem to get me to the same place eventually, it just takes me longer. For me that is a good thing as I can notice more of what is going on around me both in the earth and in the sky and also enjoy the experience.

Do you take the time to enjoy what you are doing? Or do you rush to get it done? I like the slower pace of my old age!


Being thankful

I am very thankful for my friends with whom I spent yesterday. We went first to a lovely place called Deene Park, beautiful house and grounds although we only strolled around the grounds. It was Snowdrop week and there were so many different kinds of snowdrops to see. The peace and tranquility of the landscape was wonderful for me too. Looking at the shrubs already in flower and seeing all the flowers made me feel more hopeful that our land is still fine despite our efforts to destroy it. We had tea and cake in the little tea room which had been the old kitchen. There was a wonderful log fire in the old kitchen range.

We then went to the Forestry Commission Fineshades Wood. I have been here before and wanted to see how my old ash tree was doing. The first time I went, it was the most amazing tree with an extremely large canopy. The last time I went it had been lopped and almost cut in half. Yesterday it was still there but bare and with even less branches. It was still quite awesome though. On our way back we passed the stump of an ancient beech. Another ancient tree cut down. I can only assume it had become dangerous as in general the Forestry Commission do not cut down ancient trees.

The whole day gave me so much pleasure. Being out in nature replenishes the soul, allows me space to breathe and makes me thankful for my life, my friends and for what is around me. My photo this week is not of the ancient ash but of the landscape in Deene Park which gave me time to pause for reflection

What makes you thankful?