More thoughts

Being confined to the house is not good for me as I love to be outside in nature. Keeping me sane are the many photos I have of very special places. Many of these are woodland scenes or streams running through woods. There is something about that kind of nature that is very soothing but also very inspiring.

Good news is that my Poetry and Prose book is now available on Amazon and is also available as an  e-book. Here is the link;

And here is another photo of an orb in woodland taken with a very old non-digital camera in 2001.

Time for inner work

I have been very busy this year, far busier than normal and I was told many times to rest more. Now Spirit has taken a hand in this and I have my foot and leg in plaster because of an inflamed tendon. So an enforced rest!

Looking through some old photos for inspiration for my poetry writing and for this blog, as well as for meditation and inner work, I came across a photo taken a long time ago, 10 years or more, in some woodland in Derbyshire during a druid weekend in a youth hostel. I remember walking through the woods and by the stream and thinking what a wonderful place it was. You could feel the nature spirits and the sense of sacred land was paramount. The photo was taken with a normal 35mm camera, pre digital age then and it surprised me when it was developed and printed. I will leave you to your own interpretations of what is in the scene. But I will be meditating on what can be seen.


Spring and miscellaneous things

Spring is officially here. My garden has forsythia and flowering currant in bloom as well as various bulbs. But it has gone cold again here in the UK and snow showers are forecast for early next week.

It has been a rather turbulent time for me personally, a chest infection was followed by an episode of blocked drains, drains shared by 3 houses. These were successfully cleared and I then attended the hospital to see my consultant over long term leg and ankle pain. So now I have my leg in plaster as I have an inflamed tendon as well as other problems which cannot be sorted until the tendon is healed.

This of course means I have to rest but it is a gift in many ways. I will be able to catch up with my reading, write more poetry and work on my second book. I still have a few signed copies of my first book available, so please let me know if you would like one. To whet your appetite here is one of the poems;

Spirit of the Land

The Spirit of the Land, it called to me

As I stood on the edge of the cliff;

The water flowed on deep down below,

While the crow soared high above.

My feet grew roots into the earth

As I stood there on the cliff;

My heart expanded and filled with love

As I became one with the land.