Approaching Samhain

The clocks were put back last night and it already feels like Samhain is here. Maybe it is because I have been thinking about my ancestors this week too. I have recently started a new blog about my research into family and local history .(

Our ancestors make us into what we are. Not only genetically but in others ways. Each generation has lived in a specific way and handed down to their children, their particular way of living and how they see the world around them.

My mother was musical and handed down that talent to me. Where she got it from is a mystery. Although there are Davies’s in our line and we assume they came from Wales. I have always felt at home in Wales and call it my spiritual home. I love the sea and the mountains and the music so where else could that come from?

Looking back into your family history can give you a better sense of who you are and where you come from. Try finding out and see if it makes a difference.

Here is a photo of my maternal grandmother with my mother before I was born.


Quality of life

A friend said to me yesterday, ‘You are alive’ when I responded to her query of how I was with the words ‘so-so’. But is just being alive all or do we need something else. We talk about quality of life when people are seriously ill and also when people are very poor. So what do we mean by quality of life?

I have a roof over my head and enough money, if I am careful, to eat, buy clothes and other things. But I am in constant pain and not very mobile so I am reliant on others to take me out to shop or go places. This is fine and I am grateful for these friends who help but there are things missing in my life that would make it more enjoyable. So for me, my quality of life is not what it used to be.

What do you feel is important to your quality of life? Is it or should it be enough to just be alive? Or do we need more? Do we need material things to make our life better? Or is it the friendship and companionship of others that do this? I would love to hear you views on this as I feel it could make a very interesting discussion.


Web weaving

It is misty this morning and very damp. The spiders have been busy weaving their webs over the last few weeks and they are so beautiful this morning with the glistening dew on them. It never ceases to amaze me, these wonderful webs woven with such patience. If you damage one, it is not long before the spider appears to repair it. I am not a spider lover but I do love to see their webs in the autumn.

I went down the hill to the local shop this morning and there was a layer of cobwebs over the grass. It was so magical and so awesome. I wonder how many others see these webs this morning and notice their beauty. Do you notice things such as these? Do you see how amazing nature is? Have you photos to share? Here is one of mine.


A stormy world

There is a full moon eclipse this coming week. I have been told that this represents extremes, shocking and unpredictable behaviours. We already have this in our world so does this mean it is going to get worse?

Is this perhaps the last of this type of behaviour in the world and we are cleansing things ready for a new and fairer world?

On a scientific level, the melting of the polar ice is causing problems with the jet stream and hence unpredictable weather and storms. We can’t really do a lot about this or can we? Can we do anything about the ‘storms’ of unrest? As a druid I ask for peace every day, all over the world but sometimes feel helpless to change any thing at all. How do you feel about all of this? Can we work together to change things?