As a family history researcher I know a lot about my ancestry. DNA has shown me a lot more as well. Luckily I don’t seem to have any ancestors who rampage in other countries or had slaves or made money from trading in slaves. But not everyone else is so lucky.

Going right back to our origins, we all had a dark skin and it was only as we moved into different climate areas that our skin colour changed to adapt to the climate. Cheddar Man who lived around 9000 years ago had a dark skin.

We are all one and come from the same source and it is time to acknowledge our ancestry whatever it is. I did not study history at school but have learned much more about Great Britain since then. Some of it is not good reading. How can a man live with himself knowing that he had captured natives from another country and sold them as slaves? I suspect it was all about power and money as much of England’s wealth came from slavery. I have researched some slave plantations in Barbados and Jamaica and what I find is heart breaking. When slavery was abolished the owners were compensated for the loss of their slaves and many received thousands of pounds in compensation. Yet the slaves were still not free and served apprenticeships for very little pay.

Today many are looking back at this history and want past injustices seen and heard as well as the injustices of today towards people who are a different colour. Many are beginning to understand that what we were taught in school or read in books and newspapers is not always the truth and these people are now looking to find the truth. This is a good thing. Governments cannot push things under the carpet and hope the public don’t notice. This applies to many other facts ans figures. If you have time to research some of this you can see for yourself how many lies have been told about the past as well as in the present.

The Druids prayer talks about knowledge and justice and the love of all existences. I feel strongly about all three. I know that we are all One, we all share a spark of the divine whatever colour or creed we are. We all come from the same source. Let us treat each other as equals and share love and respect for all.

Words from the Druids Prayer

I have spent some time this week thinking about the words of the Druid Prayer. Some words stand out clearly, knowledge, justice, truth, love. There are many versions of this prayer but they all have the same intent within them.

At this time in our lives and in our chaotic world, then these words are ones we need to hang on to. I am not sure what order I should put them in as for me they all have equal impact. However, truth and justice are extremely important at the moment. How do we know what the truth about a situation really is? This is where knowledge comes in of course. But don’t take everything you read as being true. So many lies are told nowadays and so many truths altered to make people think differently. Brainwashing was a term used many years ago but it is inherent today. You have only got to look at adverts on the TV.

If we are really spiritually aware and awake then we will have that inner knowing of what is truth and what is a lie. Work on this so you get better at it! So what about justice? There is not much of that about at the moment so we need to make sure it happens in whatever way is right for you. Last week I wrote about protests and the word protect came up as an alternative word. I think this word ‘protect’ fits in here. We need to protect our justice system and make sure it is not contaminated by wrong thought.

Knowledge is something we gain over the years although many of us who go deep inside know that we all have an inner knowledge that can serve us well. Dig deep into your inner self and find that knowledge. You are going to need it.

Love of course is a word often used and misused too. Unconditional love is so important and we need to work at this more. Putting all four words together can make a powerful statement whatever order they are. Let’s concentrate on these words today and all days until the world changes for the better. One word I missed out is understanding but for me they all come together in understanding, and for me understanding is also part of knowledge, truth and justice.





Telling the truth

Truth, according to the Oxford dictionary is, ‘┬áThat which is true or in accordance with fact or reality:’ So do you always tell the truth? Thinking about this I can see that there are times when what are called ‘little white lies’ are told. These often occur when someone asks if something suits them or asks if they look good in something. In order not to upset that person often little white lies are told saying you look fine or similar words.

But there are times when truth is needed. I think this word truth has been in my mind recently during the contest for the Labour Party leadership. I can see that many untruths are being told and sometimes what is true is manipulated to make it sound untrue. As a druid I find this kind of thing unacceptable. We all need to be more honest in our everyday dealings. Sometimes the truth hurts but it then helps in other ways.

When writing my family history or other thematic writing I try to stick to the truth all the time. Sometimes I have to use newspaper stories but in previous times I feel these were more true than those told today. People swear on oath to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth yet some pervert the course of justice by telling lies.

I feel that truth is no longer part of our world. What are your thoughts on this?

The following photo is a true representation of something in my garden yesterday.