Telling the truth

Truth, according to the Oxford dictionary is, ‘ That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality:’ So do you always tell the truth? Thinking about this I can see that there are times when what are called ‘little white lies’ are told. These often occur when someone asks if something suits them or asks if they look good in something. In order not to upset that person often little white lies are told saying you look fine or similar words.

But there are times when truth is needed. I think this word truth has been in my mind recently during the contest for the Labour Party leadership. I can see that many untruths are being told and sometimes what is true is manipulated to make it sound untrue. As a druid I find this kind of thing unacceptable. We all need to be more honest in our everyday dealings. Sometimes the truth hurts but it then helps in other ways.

When writing my family history or other thematic writing I try to stick to the truth all the time. Sometimes I have to use newspaper stories but in previous times I feel these were more true than those told today. People swear on oath to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth yet some pervert the course of justice by telling lies.

I feel that truth is no longer part of our world. What are your thoughts on this?

The following photo is a true representation of something in my garden yesterday.


1 thought on “Telling the truth

  1. I tend to be very careful around word based honesty, but have recently started to face up to the fact that I’m a very emotionally dishonest person. I lie with my body language by default. I hide being hurt, and scared, and other things. I think my motives aren’t awful, but it affects a lot of my interactions with people, and i am wondering about doing differently. what is anything worth if the underpinning isn’t truthful? And yes, like you, I am deeply troubled by the way in which shameful amounts of lying seem to be being normalised in political life – IDS being a case in point.

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