Working through brain fog

This week has been one where I have been suffering from what is known as ‘brain fog’. It makes it difficult to make everyday decisions and to do things. But I have had to work through it this week as I had a couple of important forms to fill in and post as well as other things to do with my research.

I find the answer was to do things in little spurts. Do a bit then rest or do something less tasking. Then do another bit and so on. That way I got the forms filled in and all the relevant papers copied and put them together and then took them to the post box yesterday.

But the decision making is on hold. I know I have to move again at some point as my health is not good enough for me to keep managing the stairs. Ideally I would love a cosy cottage in the countryside in a nice village with friendly helpful neighbours. But I know that is not possible as I need to be near help if needed and a good bus service and some shops as well as the usual optician, dentist and doctor. So somewhere along the line I have to compromise but making those kind of decisions when suffering from brain fog is not a good idea.

Decision making is always hard but I do go with what I call my gut feeling about places and people. My instinct does not often let me down. But when I have this brain fog I am quite wary. There are times when I think that finding my dream place would be really good and that if I took this leap of faith I would find what I needed in that dream place. But do I have the courage to do that and hope that all would work out well? Something for me to ponder on this coming week. Is length of life more important that quality of life I ask myself often. Perhaps this is where I stop writing today so I can ponder more on this question ready for a future blog.

All your thoughts are welcome as usual.

1 thought on “Working through brain fog

  1. I get brain fog too, and often it’s when I’m at my busiest and need to have my wits about me. Could my body be telling me something?
    Your point about finding the ideal place tolive is very pertinent to me. I (and my wife) live in a little rented bungalow by the sea. Sounds great…and in many ways it is and meets our current needs and we have friends and opportunity to use our skills; but our grown up family and their children live a good distance away. If I were to find I could no longer drive, it might be that they couldn’t spare the time from their work and children’s myriad activities to come and see us. One answer would be for us to move closer to them….but then what if they need to move again? What if we find it difficult to settle, etc etc.? We might find somewhere else that looks ideal for us…and then the bus route is axed, the hospital is run down, etc etc. I’m beginning to sense that things around us that we think we might need…shops, medical practices, post offices…change or close so often that making a decision based on them is really little more than a lottery. Our gut feeling of place is probably a more reliable indicator for us to follow….if only the brain fog would clear!!! John /l\

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