Taking things for granted

Earlier in the week I was thinking about this blog and found a really good word for the title. Now it escapes me and I have had to use the words ‘taking things for granted’. However I was looking at what we take for granted, here in the UK at least. Most of us take for granted that we may have a job, a house or other residence, enough food and enough clothes. We take for granted the electricity and gas that power our homes and we also take for granted the water we use. Some of course have other sources of power and some even have a well not piped water but we do have water.

So what else do we take for granted? We often take our relatives and friends for granted too. We expect them to be there for us when we need them and can get upset when they don’t help. We take our public services for granted. I know we pay for them but we get cross when they don’t work. We take for granted that our politicians will do the best for us even though we know they won’t but we seem unable to get them to change.

One of the main things we take for granted is our health. Although many of us have various kinds of health problems we expect them to be dealt with by doctors and hospitals, but don’t fight for the nurses to have better pay so they can do an even better job of looking after us. But the health problem hit hard this week. I have been having a lot of pain and swelling in my hands and wrists and am waiting to see a consultant. But I have been busy sorting out lots of paperwork from years past and this has not helped. I woke up the other morning unable to use my left hand at all and my right hand only a little. Have you ever tried to wash and dress yourself with the use of only one hand and the partial use of the other? It was quite difficult and it brought home to me just how much we use our hands and take them for granted. We use our hands to wash and dress ourselves, to clean our teeth, to prepare food and cook it and to do so many other things it is too long to list them.

So what do you take for granted in your life? How do you deal with things that go wrong unexpectedly with what you take for granted? I love to read your comments some of which give me other lines of thought and different ways of perception so thank you all for those comments and keep them coming.


3 thoughts on “Taking things for granted

  1. Complacency? Ingratitude? Frequently leading to a sense of frustration when things don’t work? Oh yes, I know that feeling! We forget how precarious and fragile our lives are and the way we live them. ‘Counting our Blessings’ is a good daily discipline from the ‘olden days’ 😉
    Sorry to hear about the problem with your hands…thinking now as I hold my tablet computer with one and type on the touchscreen with the other! Hope you find help and healing soon. Peace and blessings.xx

  2. I’ve had a fair amount of experience not being able to take those things for granted. As a result I’ve come to see being able to trust things, being able to rely on them and take for granted that what you need will be there, as a tremendous luxury. Not being able to take essential things for granted is incredibly stressful, so being free from that now, I like to pause now and then to acknowledge with gratitude the blessing that it is not to be on alert all the time. Being able to take for granted the warmth and kindness of the people around me is another thing in the same vein.

  3. My sympathies to you….a few years ago, I had an illness which left me with the same physical symptoms of a stroke, initially my GP thought it was. I was unable to use my left arm at all and the consultant could offer no timescale as to when I would recover it’s use, if at all. In the event it took 6 weeks to begin to recover some movement. I was worried and frustrated and like the proverbial bear with a sore paw.
    Nowadays I suppose that I still take things for granted but accept that, sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Since that episode I have discovered the druid spiritual path and I hope that I can now find a sense of peace in whatever circumstance I might find myself in. I realize this might sound dreadfully pious, but I have learned the value of the reality of our connectedness with the earth and it’s fragility. I might still take things for granted from time to time….but the frustration and misdirected anger has gone.
    Indeed the most whole person that I have ever met was totally paralyzed with MS and utterly dependent on others. She is someone whose example I will never forget….John /l\

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