Miscellaneous thoughts

Lots of things have passed through my mind this week.

Can there be peace in the political parties?

Can there be peace in the world?

Can we work through all the problems that confront us?

Can we stop and think about the effect of our actions?

How do we stop our land from being plundered for resources we do not really need as alternatives are available?

And so on and so on. Life is very confusing at the moment. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world not helped by the governments of Europe and elsewhere. There is so much political infighting that the reason for their election has been lost. Getting out for a walk this morning has helped me to come to terms with some things but then made me more aware of other things. I noticed autumn leaves on the ground this morning although it is only July and most trees are in full leaf. The weather seems confused as well. Where is our world going? What changes are ahead and can we stay positive on the way?

Lots of questions this morning. I am sure you will have more and maybe have a few answers. Here are my autumn leaves.


1 thought on “Miscellaneous thoughts

  1. I think when the wider world is overwhelming, the only thing to do is focus on what can be done. Pick a few fights to get involved in, not wring hands over the enormity of all of them. Concentrate on personal action – however small, rather than wondering how to fix everything from the top down. it keeps me sane-ish at any rate.

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