Staying calm in a chaotic world

The world as we have known it is changing rapidly. Much of what we have known is now crumbling around us. I wrote about the ripples in a pond the other week and we are still feeling the effects of those ripples. And we will feel them for much longer. Things we have taken for granted are no longer secure and there are many who live in fear. Will they be able to keep their homes and live safely or will they have to leave and go elsewhere? This is only one example of the changes happening.

But it is no good worrying about tomorrow as we do not know what tomorrow will bring. We do not need to worry about the past either although looking back at the past can show us how to avoid similar pitfalls this time around and learn from our mistakes.

Being in the present, living each day as it comes and making the best of it is important. Staying calm and showing others that we are calm helps others to become calm too. Sending love and peace out into the world each day and living that way ourselves also shows others that there is another way. Like the ripples on the pond, being calm and loving around others helps them to feel that way too and they then do the same and this in turn helps even more people to be calm and loving.

I am one of those people who smile at others in the street and say Good morning or afternoon when we pass each other. This brings a smile and a comment in return and for all I know may have made the day for someone a much better day. I know from experience that this is true and it is so easy to do.

As we experience the changes that are taking place now and those that are to come, staying calm, loving and peaceful is very important. Anger does not produce anything good and only makes things worse. As we stand together in peace, love and serenity we will be able to change the world to one we wish to have but this will not happen overnight. It could take several years for it to change to something better and for the crumbling walls to be built in a different way that benefits us all. Stay calm and send out that feeling to others. There is a better life ahead.


1 thought on “Staying calm in a chaotic world

  1. I totally agree. Breathing techniques and some lovely, gentle yoga practice may help us to gain a sense of peacefulness to live in the moment, to be in the here and now.

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