Rambles and rants

I do a lot of walking; this is the rambling part of this blog. I am still walking with a crutch but I do get around and see some lovely parts of my area. There are lots of open spaces and places to walk where you see a lot of people dog walking. But the main problem is not the dogs or their owners.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning the open space nearby has far too much litter. Cans, bottles and takeaway wrappings. There are plenty of bins to put this stuff in so why aren’t they used? From talking to some of the younger people around me, late 20’s and early 30s in age, I find many of them have lost their way. They see no point in doing anything or complaining about the litter or other things because they say nothing gets done and no one listens. They are happy to drink to excess and eat what I would call rubbish food because they say, life is not what they would like it to be but they have no idea how to change it. They don’t want to vote in elections because they say it does not mean anything as nothing ever changes.

I am doing my best to discuss stuff with them to help them find their way but they are so disempowered and have no ambition to change. What would you do?

Here is a photo taken on my walk this morning.


1 thought on “Rambles and rants

  1. I think talking to then, hearing, witnessing, is powerful all by itself. We need our young people to believe they can make a difference – you could be the first person saying that they could do this, it may be news to them.

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