Having moved back to a place I lived for over thirty years I am seeing the changes that have occurred. Some changes are good while others are not so good. For example, there are a lot more trees in the surrounding areas but one good footpath has been closed off. So one thing outweighs the other I suppose.

Changes are inevitable. Our bodies change every day as do many other things. Plants grow each day and change from leaf to bud to flower and then drop off. Animals grow bigger until they reach adult size. So change is happening around us all the time. So why do people resist change?

Of course there are changes we don’t like to see, such as historic buildings knocked  down and replaces with what can be called modern monstrosities. We don’t like to see our green belts built on either. But sometimes there have to be compromises but there are many unwilling to do this. Some changes have to be resisted when scientific facts may prove that that particular change would not be good

So what other changes have I seen. The cola mine has closed and the land reclaimed and it is now a retail park. The are dual carriageways where once there was none. But there are many more trees, so many I was amazed to see how green it all was. Other things that have changed are the shopping centres but that seems to be happening everywhere. Will we get back to local shopping? Here I have village shops, a long street of them nearby and that is good for me. I will always support them so they do not have to close.

What changes do you resist? What changes would you welcome?


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