Distance, depth, perception and joy

My house move went successfully and I am now almost unpacked and ready to resume my research and writing. Yesterday I walked down the street to the end and then took a path down a steep hill towards a retail park which was built on the site of the old coal mine. The hill is steep as it goes down into the valley. The other side is less steep but there are ups and downs until eventually the moorland appears. There is something about this distance and depth of view thing that has always given me great pleasure and joy. I have really missed this type of landscape over the years. Even when living in the mountains of Wales I did not get the same kind of feelings about the landscape.

So what is it about this depth of view and the distance between me and the horizon? This is where I was born and lived for the first 35 years of my life. Is it to do with my connection to this part of the world and the landscape I knew as a child? I feel so much at home and my heart filled with joy yesterday as I stood at the top of the path. I can pick out landmarks and note where things have changed but the distant moors are still there.

Walking to the other end of the street I come to what is known as the Marsh. It is now common land and cannot be built on although several roads cross it. It is marshy in places but there are more trees now and lots of spring flowers too. It is the open space which calls to me here despite the traffic on the roads. Again we have the distance thing, I can see quite a way across the Marsh and into the distance. Many years ago someone told me what this was all about but I have long forgotten. I just know that this is home and my heart beats better here and is filled with joy and thankfulness for being here.

The photo shows the view across the industrial landscape out to the moors.



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