Unexpected changes

I did not expect to be writing this today. My surgery was cancelled so here I am ready to go. It does seem as if it was meant to be as all I feel is a huge sense of relief! That tells me something.

But it is so good to be at home watching the weather and the garden. The weather has been bad for a couple of days, heavy rain and dark grey skies. But yesterday was better and this morning it was cool and fresh. A hint of autumn on the way I feel.

The birds have not disappointed me and are feeding well while the bees are still on the lavender and a few other flowers that are still blooming. I am told the current weather patterns are due to the jet stream. I do understand from my studies many years ago how the jet stream works and how it can be affected by many things. The temperature and salinity of water can change rapidly and this has a knock-on effect on everything else in the water and how the current of water works. This understanding of the deep connection between everything in the world is not understood by those who govern countries and that is why we are in such a mess. It is good to see how nature recovers after floods and fires but it can take some time. But have things gone too far to save our planet?

One of my morning birds is here. I’ve chosen this one so you can see the cobweb on the feeder. An added bonus!


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