Wanting more

I often hear the words, ‘I want, I want’, and see photos on such sites as Facebook where people say ‘I want one of those’. I have always tried to be happy with what I have, after all, I have things some people don’t have. Look at the refugees for example. I have a roof over my head, enough to eat and wear. What do they have? I can also see that life in other countries offers them hope but when they do get there it is not often as they saw it in their minds. Life is not easy anywhere and as my mother used to tell me ‘Life is what you make it’. I think there is a grain of truth in her words.

But at times I wish for more in my life, not material things but things like companionship, friends who visit often and so on. Living alone is fine and I am independent in many ways but because I am disabled I cannot get out easily and rely on others for help with that. I try to work with the life in my garden but they don’t answer back when I talk to them. One of the things I miss most is conversation, not just general chit chat but conversation about other things, life and its meaning, the ways of the world and so on. Finding people with similar interests can be quite hard even though I do belong to groups in our local U3A (University of the Third Age) I run a French for beginners group and am a member of a local history project group. But there are times when I feel I need more. There is a limit to how much time I can research my family history or make macrame bracelets or take photos of the garden and even work with my Zen colouring books for adults. There are far too many hours in the day sometimes for me to fill them in a satisfactory way. Am I wrong to expect more? Should I be satisfied with what I have? How important is good conversation to my life and the lives of others? Do you have similar problems or know someone who does? How would you deal with them?


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