Mother Earth

This has been a chaotic week with lots of upheaval all over the world. The eclipse and the potent planetary alignments have caused quite a lot of earth changes. There have been at least two major earthquakes in the world and several minor ones including two here centred a few miles away. Disasters have also occurred with a large loss of life.

We had a few weeks of mild weather and many butterflies have been seen as well as other insects. These are not normally around until later in the summer. Now we have cold winds and ground frost. Today we have heavy rain with strong gusts of wind. What will happen to these species now?

What is nature trying to tell us? Have we been listening to what she says? Have we stopped misusing our earth? I could ask many more questions but these three will do for now. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this weather pattern and how it affects the life around you.


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