Looking beyond the horizon

Looking beyond the horizon is often hard to do but it is essential at times to do just that. As I have got older and my physical abilities have started to fail I have had to look much further to see where I am going and how I am going to deal with this. As someone who really needs to live in the great outdoors, being stuck in a small bungalow is not ideal. So how do I cope? Well, I make sure I can see through the window, see the birds on the feeder and see trees not too far away. This gives me an image of the world of nature which is so dear to me. A bonus this week were the goldfinches. I was able to take a photo of them through the window.

But I decided that I had to look further ahead, over the horizon in fact, to look for ways of staying active mentally and still being creative, painting even though I struggle to hold a paintbrush and writing even though handwriting is hard (I prefer handwriting to typing) So now I am the proud owner of a tablet and some rather good painting software. Watch this space for some pictures later when I have learned how to use it all. How do you cope with things when you find yourself unable to do something that you have always been able to do in the past? If you have not yet reached this stage, how do you feel you would cope? What would you do?


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