It never ceases to amaze me just how much better I feel when the sun shines. The downside of this is that I always do too much and then suffer later.   I did just that this week. I had a lovely stroll with a friend around the country park, then came home and mowed the lawn. Then on Friday I had another short stroll down to the river with another friend and we potted some indoor plants (two of which the cat has eaten!) Consequently I am now finding it difficult to move but I know that very gentle movement will help to ease the pain. (I have to walk with someone to accompany me as my balance is not good and I can fall easily)

But it was so good to be outside and to look at how the leaves are starting to open and the cherry blossom is coming out. There were butterflies too. On Thursday evening I went to a talk/slide show given by a local photographer. His photos inspired me and I hope to do more with this kind of thing for my web site. I already have some slide shows on the site but will now look at better ways of showing my photos to those who find such things interesting. Taking photos means that I take a closer look at nature, at the different colours in each flower and leaf and the insects amongst them. There is so much that many people miss when out walking or even just being in the garden. Nature is amazing!



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