Appreciation – taking things for granted

This week has been the noisiest and dirtiest week I can remember having experienced. The housing complex where I live was due to have new cavity wall insulation installed. However before that could be done, the old insulation had to be removed. We had been warned that there could be some noise and dust but that was a definite understatement. The first day of drilling, six or more drills all going at the same time together with their associated noisy machinery, was deafening to say the least and there was dust everywhere including in the air outside. There were lots of complaints so the following day was still noisy but with less dust as more care was taken to contain it. However when the top layer of insulation was broken up it sounded like a load of bricks falling down inside the cavity wall. The whole ‘event’ took five working days but the workmen did jet wash the dust away afterwards.

On Thursday I went out with my son to a local country park for some respite. I really appreciated the quiet of the park, the only noise being the geese honking and other birdsong. There were a lot of spring flowers and catkins too. It helped to restore my state of mind a little but I shall feel better when the whole thing is over. It does make you appreciate what we have in life and how we are able to live. This intrusion into our placid daily lives was like a bombing raid and made us think about those in war zones and the constant daily dropping of bombs and noise of guns. It made us aware of the fact that we have running water and hot water which enabled us to clean up our homes as well as ourselves. This is something that thousands of people in the world do not have.

I am still cleaning up and occasionally coughing as the dust is removed but at least I can do this. Many others cannot do it. So this week has also been a lesson in appreciation for those things we take for granted.

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