Which wolf do you feed?

There is a Cherokee proverb which goes something like this, (not sure of the exact words); inside us there are two wolves who battle each other. One wolf, the bad one, is full of anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority and ego. The other wolf, the good one, is full of joy, peace, love, hope, humility, truth, kindness and empathy. If you feed one, that wolf wins.

It is a well known fact that anger and resentment can cause physical illness if we do nothing about them. Anger is one of the worst. But the others are not much better. We can look at each of these traits in turn and see that none of them do us any good. So what can we do to get rid of them. Anger and resentment can be worked on and gradually dispersed. Greed can be greed for food, material goods and anything else you over do. Lies are another matter and some people cannot stop telling lies as they live in a world of their own making not the ‘real’ one. With help from others and a determination to change, all the bad wolf traits can be changed to good wolf ones. But it does take some work and it is easy to slip back into bad ways.

If you feed the good wolf then that is very good for you and for others. We all need love and joy in our lives. Often simple things give joy, watching a bird soar in the sky, sitting by a peaceful lake or river, listening to music, watching children play. Being kind to others can be a permanent part of our lives. It costs nothing to smile at someone and say ‘Hello’. A smile can often make the difference to someone’s day.

I would love a world where we all fed the good wolf. It would be a most wonderful place to live, a place where we shared love, joy, peace and many other good things, where we cared about each other so no-one went hungry or became ill without someone knowing and then helping. I heard a story recently of someone who died and the body was not found for two years. How sad that is. We should all look out for each other and help when needed.

So what kind of wolf do you feed?

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