Compassion, support and understanding

There has only been one thing heading the news this week, the refugee crisis in Europe. I shall probably get some flak for this blog. I have already had some on my Facebook page regarding links I have put there. We talk about refugees and economic migrants so think about this. Do you or do you know someone who has moved house to get their child in a better school or moved to a different town to get a better job? Have you lived or do you know someone who has lived in a war zone?

I remember the war and the bombs and the devastation caused. I remember people having to move to find new homes. I also remember when I was at school and one day several Ugandans joined us. There have always been refugees and they are all over the world not just coming to Europe.

As a druid I have compassion for these people. I have not walked a mile in their shoes but the media photos give me some idea of the conditions some of them lived in. But I have been on the verge of being homeless several times in my life, once when my children were quite small so I know how that feels. I know about the feelings of insecurity, the feelings of where do I go next and so on.

People who are running away from their ruined homes need help, support and compassion. Do we put keeping our material assets against being human and helping others?  It was good to see the welcome given yesterday to those entering Germany. tI was better than that given in other countries where potential immigrants from Indonesia and surrounding islands are cooped up in a prison like environment on an island away from the mainland.

These are people we are talking about, human beings just like us but in dire straits and needing help. What are you doing about it? It is a long and winding road travelled by us all not just the refugees.


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