Autumn arrives

Yes, you can smell the change in the air in the mornings and evenings as the leaves start to turn gold and brown. Some mornings there is a mist and heavy dew on the ground. But what happened to our summer? There have been a few good days but it has been far too windy for summer. Last week, heavy rain and strong winds flattened anything taller than a few inches.

It is getting dark earlier in the evenings too and soon it will be the Equinox. Then Samhain and the winter time. Are you ready for this yet? Have you prepared for it? I always stock up my cupboards as I cannot get out easily and I have stocked up on food for the birds. I have plans for helping them get through the winter too.

But autumn is so beautiful. The colours on the trees glow when the sun shines and the young birds are growing too changing their plumage to adult status. The rowan trees nearby are laden with berries and some of my shrubs have produced berries too, orange and red ones. Blackberries are ripe and people are busy collecting them to make jam and wine. What do you do at this time of year? Do you make jam or wine? Do you collect fir cones and conkers?

Nature is awesome!



1 thought on “Autumn arrives

  1. Hopefully there will be chutney – there are community orchards round here and my mother tends to have an excess of fruit to account for, so that’s become my autumn preserving thing. Otherwise, getting out to look at the trees – beech woods are fantastic for the colours.

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