Dark dismal days

It is another dark dismal day with heavy rain. It has now rained almost continuously for over a day and is forecast for today and tomorrow. On a spiritual level, the rain is cleansing the earth and is much needed. It washes away negative energy left by us and our industries.

It also helps the plants to grow and again is needed for this. Our storage reservoirs will also soon be full again after the hot summer. I find that days without sunshine are sometimes hard to deal with especially in the winter. But it is that time of the year when animals think about hibernating and I feel that this is what I would like to do as well. I don’t feel like this every day but only the dark days.

How do these dark days affect you? What do you do during this time? As Samhain approaches we near the time of introspection, of deep inner work and of planning for the coming of the Spring. At the moment I am finding this quite hard to do. It may be because of the current upheavals going on in my life. How do you feel about the approach of the winter time? How do you prepare for this time of inner work? Does your creativity also go to sleep?



1 thought on “Dark dismal days

  1. I love rainy day’s, I love to hear the rain lashing against the windowpane and the wind howling, it makes me feel all cosy inside. I light all the candles on my hearth, light an incense stick and curl up with a good book….sod the housework! That will still be there for another day. As an artist, the dark sky’s can be a problem but on those day’s I use other creative skills like playing the guitar or just sitting back and listening to some good music. My favourite singer at the moment is Lisa Thiel, very therapeutic.
    Autumn blessings /l\

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