Looking back at history

This is the time of the year when I think about my ancestors. There are many programmes on our TV that tell us about our ancestors and those of other people. Some of these are fascinating as they also give us a picture of how life was lived 100 or 200 years ago and sometimes even further back. At the moment there are also many documentaries about world wars.

It makes me wonder if we have learned anything from our past. How have things changed in our lives and have they changed for the better? Our world has changed greatly as technology has also changed and grown into something that I am not sure I personally really want to see. We have more freedom we are told. But do we really have more freedom when every word we say or write is monitored somewhere by others. We have more material goods and food than we did in the past but the way changes are going now, this may soon become part of the past again. Why are people allowed to starve? Why do we not make sure that everyone in our world has a home, food and clothing? Are we so selfish and greedy that we are unwilling to share? I could go on but hopefully I have written enough to make you think. Where is the road we are going along, really taking us?


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