The flow of the river

A walk along the side of the river was wonderful. The river has so many moods, quiet and rippling gently,  or rushing around stones and rocks, or tumbling over small ledges and rushing madly along. It reminds me of how our lives are, or at least how mine is.

There are times when everything flows smoothly and times when there are obstacles in the way. Do I flow around them or over them? The river generally flows around them unless in flood. Do I take the quiet times as times of rest and times to replenish myself or do I push harder to get things done.

How does your life resemble the flow of the river? How do you deal with the quiet times? Do you rest or push harder to do things? Do you go around obstacles finding the easy way like the river or do you go over the top?

The river today gave me a lot of food for thought as well as a lot of pleasure. Here is a photo of this river.


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