Finding the gift when things look bad

It has been a traumatic month. At the beginning of the month my landlord decided he wanted his house back so I had to move out. I had two months notice. Finding somewhere suitable for me is quite hard as I have a small cat and I don’t have a lot of money. I have been on the council waiting list for some time for a small bungalow and last week I was able to bid for one of these. Because of my new circumstances I was successful in my bid and now look forward to have a safe and secure home. So out of the chaos and worry has come a gift, a long awaited and unexpected gift.

Have your circumstances ever given you an unexpected gift? Out of the darkness and despair there is often a gift of some kind but you have to look for it or at least realise that this is what it is. My gift means I can stay in the village where I live now and enjoy all its amenities including the walk by the river. I give thanks for my gift of the bungalow and what it means to my life. Give thanks for your gifts too.


2 thoughts on “Finding the gift when things look bad

  1. I have late stage lyme disease (thought it was CFS/ME for ten years) and it has taken a lot from me, but has also taught me what a matters in life, what depths of courage I have to tap into (very deep), and how to find joy in the tiny things. Enjoy your bungalow!

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