Spring feelings

Another wintry week has passed but you can feel that Spring is coming. There are hazel catkins dancing in the breeze; there are yellowy colours on the Willow tree and the sun gives us a little hint of warmth. You can sense the sap rising in the trees and if you go closer to the tree, sometimes you can hear a little whisper of something going on.

Spring gives us hope. The days are getting longer and although the weather is rather wintry, you can feel the changes that are on the way. It is hard to put into words, this feeling of hope and renewal but it is there for us all to feel and sense.

This week I lost a dear sister/friend. She will be greatly missed for her wisdom and knowledge. Over ten years ago she wrote about being on earth and gave her reasons for wanting to continuously reincarnate on this planet. She wrote ‘I am very clear that I have made a choice to continually reincarnate here and for the most part as a human, over and over again. I happen to love the Planet intensely. I love being human.’ I have written records of many of her discussions about various aspects of spirituality and her words give me hope too as our world appears to be collapsing into chaos. I wonder when she will be back again and what she will think about it all.

So, can you feel or sense the signs of the coming Spring?

And what are your thoughts on reincarnation?



1 thought on “Spring feelings

  1. I can feel spring approaching! I see buds on the trees and blooming rosebushes in the backyard. The sun’s light is lengthening. It is beautiful. I love watching the Earth spring into life.


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