We rely on so many things nowadays, electric, gas, cars, buses, trains, planes, phones, etc. What would we do without them? It seems as if we are going to get more frequent and severe storms here in the UK which bring down power lines and make a lot of disruption to transport. We have just had two such storms back to back and another is on the way today. I am lucky where I live and there is little disruption to my daily life apart from the fact I stay in when the storm is at its worst.

Many years ago there were timed power cuts of so many hours each day. These were rotated from day to day so you had to plan in advance what you were going to do especially where cooking was concerned. Other things had to be planned in advance as well as shop tills did not work without power. I had candles in a lantern and battery powered lights then. Today you can get better battery operated lights for emergencies.

But today there are many still without power due to the storm. I hope they stay safe and warm. But are you prepared for something like this? Do you have spare lighting of some kind, food you can eat cold and blankets to keep you warm? Or will you panic and not know what to do? Can you get to work without transport of your own? Can you walk to work or to the shops?

Maybe it is time to stop being reliant on so many things. We are in the middle of great changes and we must look at how we live and what we need to stay alive. We must be prepared to live in a different way if necessary and get on with it instead of complaining about it. There is no return to normal, whatever normal was then. A new normal is here but will change rapidly. Are you too reliant on any of the items I mentioned above? If so look at alternatives for when they are needed. Be prepared and not so reliant!

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