Winter Solstice

The longest night is here and the end of the deep darkness. A new light arrives, a new year where I am concerned. I always feel that my new year starts at the winter solstice as the light returns although it takes some time before it can be seen.

I do not do well with dark days and nights. Today is no exception as it is only now starting to get light and it is raining. But I know that the hours of daylight will be longer and I can look forward to the next few months as new life starts. Although I noticed in the local country park last week that the willows had started to produce their little furry catkins. And I also have cowslips flowering in the garden.

A long time ago I wrote a poem about Alban Arthuan, the Winder Solstice. Here it is although I am sure I could write better poetry nowadays.

Now is the time of the longest night

When the dark is at its deepest.

We remember and mourn the light we knew

And await its return to our land.

But out in the darkness, there shines a light

Of hope and inspiration.

As the Mabon appears, the child of the Sun

To banish our fears and guide us.

We thank those who helped us through the dark

And the Fire that warmed our hearts.

But now it is time for the light to return

And fill our lives with love and peace.

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