Random thoughts for this month so far

There is so much I want to write about so this could read a bit haphazard. I’ll start with the coming Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is something I really welcome. I don’t do well with dark days and really cloudy days either. If the sun us shining I feel so much better. So in a few days we have the Winter Solstice when the light returns. Although it take s couple of week before you really notice it. For me it is also a time of looking forward to the coming year. I feel hopeful that people will awaken to what is really going on and find their true selves.

My next words are about fear. Politicians and the press are ramping up fear by using very emotive words. So what are people afraid of? Are they afraid of being ill or are they afraid of dying because they are ill? I suppose it depends on what you believe about dying and life after death. From personal experience I know that there is life after death. I also believe in reincarnation so death does not frighten me at all. I look forward to meeting my loved ones who have already passed.

So what about changes in our world? Change is normal but currently we are having many changes following each other rapidly. Staying positive and standing in your own truth is important now. As I wrote last week, let your light shine out brightly. Look after your health too. Listen to what your body tells you. Research alternative ways of dealing with aches and pains. Scientists do not always tell the truth. Money changes truths into untruths. Read alternative views about health and what to use, find what resonates with you. Trust your Higher Self and stay strong turning negativity into positivity. There will be a better world but it will take time for the old one to crumble completely.

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Winter Solstice

The longest night is here and the end of the deep darkness. A new light arrives, a new year where I am concerned. I always feel that my new year starts at the winter solstice as the light returns although it takes some time before it can be seen.

I do not do well with dark days and nights. Today is no exception as it is only now starting to get light and it is raining. But I know that the hours of daylight will be longer and I can look forward to the next few months as new life starts. Although I noticed in the local country park last week that the willows had started to produce their little furry catkins. And I also have cowslips flowering in the garden.

A long time ago I wrote a poem about Alban Arthuan, the Winder Solstice. Here it is although I am sure I could write better poetry nowadays.

Now is the time of the longest night

When the dark is at its deepest.

We remember and mourn the light we knew

And await its return to our land.

But out in the darkness, there shines a light

Of hope and inspiration.

As the Mabon appears, the child of the Sun

To banish our fears and guide us.

We thank those who helped us through the dark

And the Fire that warmed our hearts.

But now it is time for the light to return

And fill our lives with love and peace.

The Light returns

The Winter Solstice is here and the light is returning. I struggle with the dark days we have had recently and artificial light does not help. However I am starting to feel more energetic after a very bad cough and can feel my creative juices starting to flow again. I have so many new projects to start soon but need to get organised first.

This time of the year gives me hope, for the planet, for humankind and for everything that lives on our planet. Climate change is causing devastation in many places with large fires in Australia and floods in Britain and elsewhere. Here the farmers have not been able to sow the winter grain crops so there will be shortages later next year. We as a human race, have to look at how we live and eat and how we treat the land around us. Building new houses on flood plains is not a good idea but it is still happening.

Every one of us has to take a look at how we live. I know there are some places where people do not want to do this but we must do what we can. Do we want a good life for our grandchildren? Or do we want food shortages and no place to live for them?

But most of all we need to work together, to trust each other, to help each other in as many ways as possible. We need to take care of the vulnerable people in our society. We need to respect the beliefs of others whether they be Christian, Muslim or other faiths. We are all equal in the eyes of the Divine and we all share a part of that Divine.

So as the light returns, look at what you can do in your own life and in helping others. I send you love and peace and the blessings of the Solstice.

The return of the light

It will soon be the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. After that the days will start to get a bit longer and the dark nights a bit shorter. I am really looking forward to that as I don’t deal with short dark days and long dark nights very well. I need lots of light in order to function.

Many cultures celebrate the return of the light at this time of the year so I like to join them and celebrate too. The return of the light is a very common theme. I wonder how our ancestors felt at this time of the year. Yet although the days will be longer, here in the UK winter is still to come although we have had a frosty snowy week just now. January and February are often the months when we get snow and lots of ice. But we often also get beautiful clear blue skies and lots of sunshine as well.

This last week here has been one of snow, more snow, rain and then ice. There is still some snow lingering on the grass and roads but there is also a lot of ice making it difficult for me to go out and enjoy the local nature reserve. I have missed this but I have enjoyed looking at the photos of those who could get there. The pools were frozen over some days and the ducks and swans went skating.

So I am really looking forward to the return of the light and will be celebrating this as will many others, alone while some will be celebrating in groups. However you celebrate the return of the light I wish you a wonderful day and a good year to come.

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