Solstice thoughts

The Winter Solstice is an important event for me. It is the time when I know that the days will soon lengthen again and the Spring will soon be here. I find the short days at this time of the year hard to deal with. I need lots of light in my life and SAD lamps help but are not quite the same as being outside in the light.

The Solstice also gives me hope. I can see that the wheel of the year carries on whatever else is going on in the world. It gives me a solid foundation enabling me to deal with change and change there is going to be very soon. I suspect it will be drastic change too but this foundation that I feel through the turning of the wheel will help me to deal with changes.

It is good to know that whatever we do to our planet she continues to turn and the seasons come and go although maybe not quite the same because of climate change, but they do come and go. This keeps me grounded if you like while everything else changes around me.

After over seventy years on this planet I have learned to deal with changes as there have been rather a lot of them so it is good to feel the turning of the wheel of the year and to work with it as well. I wonder how many more changes I will see during the rest of my life.


1 thought on “Solstice thoughts

  1. Blessings of the season. May the wheel carry us all safely through these dark times, with warmth and light and love within.💗

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