Random Sunday thoughts

Having written this blog for several years now I try not to duplicate themes I have written about before. Sometimes this happens but I try to avoid it. This morning several thoughts crossed my mind, each one could be a theme for a blog post but I felt that several such thoughts might make it more interesting.

Squirrels came into my thoughts this last couple of weeks. I live in a small Victorian style terraced house with a small back yard and a tiny garden. There is a rose tree though and it has lots of rosehips still on it and on the ground. One day I spotted a grey squirrel on my gate obviously having fed as he was washing his face. He has visited several times now and I have purchased a feed box for him and some special food. Many people consider grey squirrels to be vermin but a couple of days ago I read a different view about them while browsing the internet. This view was that they helped us to plant trees. They bury nuts to save for later but often forget where they are so the nuts just grow into trees eventually.

My second random thought this morning was about joy. Yesterday I received a Christmas card in the post. The picture on the front of the card is of a sunset, snowy ground and a tree with bare branches silhouetted against the setting sun. It is a stunningly beautiful photo and gives me much joy. I can see lots of sunsets here if I go and stand in the street where there is open space with lots of trees around so I get silhouettes of them there too.

My third random thought is about helping others. In my street many people go out to work although there are some of a similar age to me. Last week the parcel delivery man was busy and I seemed to be the only one still at home. So I took in parcels for other people who came to collect them later on. This of course also expanded my knowledge of my neighbours who I had not yet met. One of these has a large ginger cat who sits in the window swiping at passersby making them jump. He is quite a character. But it is good to help others and get to know them too.

So three random thoughts for you. What do you think about squirrels, sunsets and helping others?

This squirrel was sitting in the park by the Museum earlier this year.




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