Signs of Spring

I have spent a few days away this week in some lovely countryside. On the way down I saw so many hazel catkins by the roadside I was amazed. It is early for them but they were lovely to see.

The grounds of the hotel where I stayed, were beautiful even in winter weather. We had sun, rain, hail, strong winds and snow! There was a tree walk which was excellent. There was an old yew wood where the trees were nearly 400 years old. There was a yew hedge too which had been sculptured into different shapes. There were sequoias, cedars, limes and various oaks but the best tree for me this time was the monkey puzzle tree. I have never seen such a fine specimen before.

Nestling among the trees the snowdrops were showing their heads and I found one lonely little primrose. There were squirrels playing too. When the sun shone on the snowdrops I felt hope come into my heart. I felt uplifted. Nature, whatever we do, seems to act as normal at this time of the year as new life springs forth.

Have you noticed any signs of spring in your area yet?

I will add the primrose photo here but other photos can be found on my Facebook page.


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